Healing House

Floor plan of the HH - click for full size

The Healing House, located just outside of Nanthalion, is an aged, and weathered, rectangular building that could be best described as austere. The long side denotes the front of it, and the double oaken doors offering entrance show signs of abuse, though the hinges, and latches, gleam from recent care. Should one enter this place, they would find themselves in a simple entryway, or foyer. Two doors then offer the only choices of where to go next.

Through the left door is the library that offers Healers a quiet place for learning. There are a few shuttered windows that can be opened to offer natural light, and fresh air. There are a mixture of a dozen, or so, shelves that hold books, old tomes, and racks for scrolls. Scattered about are simple, well worn, chairs and tables. Some situated in the well place hearth area at the far end of the library that provides an atmosphere that is conducive to studying, yet keeps the fire safely away from the books, and scrolls. A door to the north of the room, and right of the hearth, leads into a large kitchen with a back door.

Upon opening the right door, one would see a total of fourteen doors, six on the left, seven on the right, and one at the very end of the hall. The first five on the left, and right, each open into a sparsely furnished room. With only a bed, small nightstand, and a table with a water basin, and pitcher, upon it, as well as a small wardrobe for linens, towels, and a place to hang clothing, it is easily determined that these are rooms for the wounded, or ill.

The last door on the left of the hall is the laboratory where herbal medicines can be prepared. The last two doors on the right are the Assistant Manager and Manager's offices, respectively, with a short hallway between them leading to a back room full of extra bunks for those Healers who would like to stay overnight with their patients. The final door, at the end of the hall, is a special room that has two beds on either side, plus a brazier against the far wall that holds magical water. This is where Healers, who know the secret, can bring their critically wounded, or ill, patient, and themselves, from anywhere in the land, out of harms way.

One very little known fact is that, on the grounds of the Healing House, there is a hot spring where patients can be brought to relax muscles that are newly healed, take in the soothing steam that can help clear the head, or relieve aching joints, and the like. There is also a small, 6 horse, barn that can house the horses for those that use the library, work here, are visiting a patient, or making use of the hotspring.

The staff here is minimal, consisting only of those who are there to provide information and to make sure that the Healing House is kept clean and ready for whatever emergency that may appear at their doorstep. The occasional Healer may be found here as well, but only because they are making use of the library, or mayhap are checking in on a patient. But, the fact that Healers are freelance, and no longer employed by the Empire, they are not found here on any regular basis. This place is now a simple infirmary, where the sick can be brought, and rooms used, by these freelance Healers.