Imperial Guards

Each guard is chosen for both his vision, his loyalty and his strength of will and body in what ever he or she will endeavor to take upon themselves. These are not prissy beings that stop to sniff the daisies but hardened men and women with the resolve that few could foresee. Following are those that lead this group of stalwart men and women and what their purpose within this Empire has always been and will continue to be.

Imperial Guard Leaders

Many more fill the ranks, some come and go, others will rise to their own positions but one thing is certain, they are the Elite. To be hired into their ranks isn't just a handshake away and a hand over of meherial. You must work and prove yourself to them. Honor is upheld and so is the law, fealty to your Emperor will be given and perhaps now and again you will be tested. What follows is the purpose of these guards, what they do follow and why.


The Empire may be a fairly new and rather lawless place but that does not mean those in control do not wish to maintain their status. The Emperor may not care too much if a citizen gets robbed or raped, but he does have certain things he needs protected. These include himself, obviously, certain key individuals and the essential aspects of trade by which he maintains his rule.

Imperial Guards do not worry themselves over trivial matters. Small skirmishes, people being raped, small time thieves running around unchecked, and other such matters or conflicts do not warrant the attention of the Emperor's guard, unless any of them is meant to tarnish the Emperor's good name or property. The small matters are beneath them as it is just daily life occurring and they will not waste their time and energy to solve these issues unless given a direct order by Emperor to do so. The Imperial Guards view their purpose as only protecting against large problems that the town cannot manage and the official buildings of the Empire.


It is considered an honor to be selected as one of the few that will be given the right to ensure the safety of so many. That anyone chosen to serve under the Emperor should show the pride of the duty that they have been given.

The Imperial Guards primary focus is the protection of the Emperor's personal investments, his businesses. The Empirical structures, commerce and trade are a top priority for the guards to monitor and oversee their protection. Upon becoming an Imperial Guard, they have sworn life and limb in service to the Emperor and the Empire during their time of duty. It is an oath to remain loyal and in service until the time comes when they are killed, dismissed from their term of service, or they choose that they have fulfilled their obligation to the Emperor and wish to go on with their life as a common citizen.

The Imperial Guards train their bodies, mind and spirit constantly. It is a passion for one to spend most of their time practicing and training to become better at their talents to benefit the ones they serve and serve with. The guards spend countless hours working with others. They study strategy and tactics to ensure that they will be superior in any situation where conflict may arise. A common citizen does not see most of these studies and trainings though, as the guards often train in locations hidden in the forests or Imperial Woods away from public eye. This is to keep their strategy, strengths, and weaknesses alike secret.

Codes of Conduct

As an Imperial Guard, I swear to:

If I break any of the Codes of the Imperial Guardians, I swear to:

>When I feel my time of service has ended… (No longer wish to be in IG):

History - The First Guards

Big and burly to lean and athletically built. These men were the epitome of their races. Ranging from High Human to Drak Sen, but not one elvish race seems to be included and if so, perhaps they spin their methods in the background. When the word Imperial Guard is spoken, one should think of fear and methodical rather then helmed warriors with shinning blades. These men wore little in regard to some uniform but all wear the cloak and colors of the Lord Stormbringer, black and dark green. Some might have more decorated emblems on each pin perhaps to show their prowess on the field to where they stand among the fold of Guards on their own.

From olden days gone past there was Ashford Bearfist. A big burly barbarian with a sharp enough wit and strong enough arms to take down anything in his path. He had wielded but a simple enough axe that was given the name 'Pet'. Why pet? Because for some time after being given the axe itself, he would sharpen and clean it for hours upon hours of time. Constantly stroking the wood of the handle and calling forth its name that heralded the other guards to follow... "Come Pet! Let's cleave us some fun". The men knew the charging words and were quick to follow. Standing 6'3" with a tangled weave of a beard and sharp blue eyes, he gained the respect of all the men for his abilities on the field and his abilities with the wenches.

Among the fold at the first days of Imperial guards, Trin Morgane. When one had seen such a lean figured high human they certainly didn't associate him with the Imperial Guards. From his casual manner of speaking to his hand gestures to woo the women, he seemed more a dandy then some neck breaking Guard out to make sure your following the rules. While in battle, Trin could wield his long sword in a quick, neat fashion that was astounding to watch. Very few had ever bested the man except their Lord Stormbringer. He confused with his rattling tongue to his smooth motions and foot work that was second best to only one.

As well a rather big Drak Sen by the name of Ss'oren Quicktongue. However, the name was insidiously nothing like this mineral Drak Sen. Rarely did he speak and if so, it was general loud and almost annoying. Yet one thing is certain, he could wield his Pike in an efficient and quick manner that had most gasping for breath once they found themselves impaled. Of a general foul mannered temperament, he only seemed to bow to the others out of difference to their station, or perhaps because they can best him. Either way, he was with them all since the beginning and carried himself rather proudly. If not set apart from the group itself.

There also was a Minotaur, Jazmorn. No last name that he either spoke of, or cared to speak of. A quiet, studious seeming creature until he picks up his twin small axes and cleaved you in twain. His moods had ranged from easy going to suddenly mad... as a bull. For all his size however, he was a very gentle creature and sometimes the men would rib him for how careful he handled the wenches and slaves. He would only snort however and stay just as careful as always. For if he broke what had served him so well in bed, he would have had a terrible time finding something sturdy enough to have as a plaything.

The rest of the men are left unsaid, perhaps there are a total of 20, maybe more, maybe less. But you couldn't miss them coming, and generally you wouldn't want them coming for you. The newest breed of Imperial Guards keeps growing, coming, those spoken of are in the olden or golden days. Their prowess in close physical battles to even a few magic slingers is legendary here. But all have one thing in common. They serve their Lord Stormbringer first. Loyalty is never an issue

Cloak and Cape Description

Upon each cloak, falling over the left side of the Imperial guard's chest rests the Imperial symbol. The symbol of Lord Stormbringer that the guards serve, a silver circle with a lightening bolt arching from the top right to the bottom left of the circle. Overlaid within the four inch circle is a black silhouette of a dragon, outlined in a thin line of silver though not taking away from the brighter silver of the circle. Resting between the lapels of the cloak is a mithril chain pulling the cloak about the Imperial neck. Enchanted upon each mithril chain are the message spell and locate spell aiding the Imperial guards while on duty. The cloaks are dark green trimmed in black, for the cooler months and capes with the same symbol upon them for the spring and summer.


The purpose of the Guards is to enhance role play and to provide more storylines through training, being of service, and protecting the Empire. Characters can unite under the same cause and carry out storylines together and work as a team. What is expected is a guardship that respects the rules of the game and does not use the Guards as a way to intimidate others OOCly. Nor indeed ICly except in proper scenarios that are carefully controlled.

The Guards are not a protection agency that gives the right to break rules or start fights. If you are caught doing such, severe penalties shall be given and possible bans will be put into place if this rule is not followed. If there is ever question on what you are doing or may be breaking rules, ask for an Admin ruling or your Superior's approval before taking any actions. Above all, this is for fun and to create a unique role-play atmosphere, so please do not abuse the privilege of an organized Guards system for your own personal gain to destroy or skirt the rules governing the system or you will be removed from the position and will face an extensive ban.

Guards have two states - on duty and off duty. On duty they work as a team in planned storylines and they fight as a team. Off duty they are individual characters and will NOT use other Guards, whether on or off duty, to help fight their personal battles. The Guards code of honor insists they fight for themselves, even if they are sure to lose.

Imperial Guards are allowed to organize group rapes and such, but again, the rules are never to be overlooked. Proper OOC consent is mandatory from the victims and in the case of scheduled scenarios; all must be approved prior to being done.

Ops may direct the guards to appear 'on duty' for a specific purpose such as breaking up a fight, protecting an imperial building, or as part of a more complex storyline. Nobles do not have any such right, except in so far as they are acting as Ops. The Guards are Stormbringer's praetorians, not a general police force.

On duty, they should use the -IG modifier to their nick and may be taken to wear some visible symbol of their status.

All dice modifiers are exactly the same should combat come to such. The modifiers of each individual based on the enchantments and armor class that they currently have will determine the appropriate adjustments. However, should a citizen willingly engage into combat with an Imperial Guard while on duty, the Nobles may be used with harsher consequences.

Also the combat dice system could be put in place of regular stats, it would put everyone on a even playing field and has worked well in the past. Or just freeform any fights that may occur during one of the planned events.