Being A Slave

For convenience I term slaves as female and owners as male. That is the most common configuration but everything here applies irrespective of the various genders.

Defining a Slave

The simplest definition of a slave is that they are owned property in exactly the same way as a horse or a pair of boots. They have no rights and can be treated as an object to be used, given, sold or thrown away by their owner as he wishes.

Naturally in practice, there are as many variations on this as there are relationships. Everyone interprets differently the degree of possession and the amount of freedom a slave is allowed. While the game is tolerant of these interpretations, the definition above, tempered by the mores of civilized behavior, are the basis for all attitudes towards a slave.

If you don't feel that is the sort of character that you can play, then you should consider carefully whether you want to become a slave.

OOC Note: While the IC expectation is of a quiet and well-behaved slave, role playing one who is unhappy at having been captured, rebellious about their training and resentful about their position is very acceptable and opens up a lot of opportunities for interesting scenes. Of course you should discuss this OOC with the owner-player to make sure it fits the type of relationship they desire. You should also be aware that such actions do carry IC consequences too.

Becoming a Slave

Inherited Slaves

People who come to the Inn already in master/slave relationships are welcome to retain that relationship in character providing they follow these steps:

Taken (Forced) Slaves

Anyone can sign up on the Slavers Bait list in the Message Board to become a slave. Once on this list you are considered fair game for slavers to kidnap and sell. Once a kidnapped slave is collared by a slaver as merchandise (with OOC consent) they may be trained until a sale is arranged. Slavers normally sell their captives via the Slave Authority auctions with OOC consent from the slave as to who buys them.

Alternatively, you can privately arrange your capture with another individual. This is normally on the basis that you will be kept as a slave by your captor.

OOC Note: Since only licensed slavers are allowed to take slaves as merchandise, you will be registered as the personal property of whoever captures you and have to keep that collar for the required amount of time. So it will pay you to consider who you allow to collar your character. Get to know the player first and make sure you share a common view on slave ownership.

Debt/Money Slaves

If you work yourself into a debt, or are in need of money you can pawn or sell yourself as a debt slave until you are back on your feet again. This is organised by the Pawn Shop at the General Store.

Common Slaves

Several locations such as the Lonely Inn own slaves for general use. This involves your character being owned by a business rather than an individual. For example, Inn slaves are expected to serve and also service customers on demand (with OOC consent). If you want to be a slave but not owned by a single individual, this option gives some wider options for role playing with numerous other characters.


Registering as a slave is compulsory but it does carry certain benefits.

Rules for Slaves