Being A Slave Owner

For convenience I term slaves as female and owners as male. That is the most common configuration but everything here applies irrespective of the various genders.

Defining a Slave Owner

In simple terms a slave owner is the possessor of a piece of property in exactly the same way as your character may own a sword. The slave has no rights to hold any possessions of her own or to do anything without your permission.

So that sounds wonderful doesn't it? An attractive girl who will do whatever you want, any time, anywhere. But with ownership comes responsibility. This is your possession, so you are responsible for the care and maintenance of it. A good owner will take care of his slave's needs (as opposed to wants) and will provide guidance and training to help her become a better slave and thus increase both the value of his property and his enjoyment of it. A bad owner will let his slave run free without any rules, mistreat his property or neglect it. But consider this: if you don't tie your horse up properly and it escapes to cause damage, you are responsible for it's actions. Similarly, if your slave gets into trouble due to your carelessness or neglect, you are responsible for the consequences.

If you don't feel able to give that degree of commitment to the ownership of another character then you should consider carefully if taking a slave is the right thing for you to do at this stage. You should be especially careful of collaring a number of characters in a short period. Careless decisions will come back to haunt you.

OOC Note: You are very strongly advised to make sure you understand not only the implications of taking a slave but also your prospective partner's understanding of what is involved. Get to know the person OOC first and discuss what you both want from the owner and slave relationship. It avoids a lot of pain later on.

Remember too that you are collaring a character not the player. Doing so gives you no rights at all to regulate the activities of the player concerned. Trying to do so against her will is considered a form of harrassment and will result it OOC action against yourself.

Becoming a Slave Owner

Inherited Slaves

People who come to the Inn already in master/slave relationships are welcome to retain that relationship in character providing they follow these steps:

Taken (Forced) Slaves

By arrangement in OOC chat, you can roleplay a scene of capturing and enslaving another character. Once done, you should both go to the message board to confirm the relationship and register your new property.

Do note that taking a slave in any way requires the full OOC consent of the player. It cannot be forced under the guise of role play, combat or by telling a newcomer that this is 'just how the room works'. Slaves taken in any of those ways will be freed and your character will be reduced in levels. Repeat offenders may find themselves completely banned.


Registering a slave is compulsory before the character is recognised as your property in TLI channels. It carries certain benefits.

Registration also costs money as well as an upkeep fee and takes up some of your available equipment slots. For more details on this visit the ISA pages.

Rules for Slave Owners