Imperial Slave Authority

What was once the Academy of Submission now houses the Imperial Slave Authority. And, though the academy is no longer, training can still be found within the stone walls, in the rooms that have heavy doors to provide privacy, as well as mute the screams, and other sounds of agony, or perhaps even pleasure, that echo inside. The building is imposing, nestled amongst tall, ancient, trees west of town, just past the Baths and the Lonely Inn. A large sign depicting the Emperor Stormbringer's banner with the words "IMPERIAL SLAVE AUTHORITY," in pristine white paint, is above the double wooden doors of the main entrance.

Should you decide to continue your explorations, the door latch disengaged, and one of the heavy oaken doors pushed open, you find yourself in a large entrance room that has little by way of comfortable furniture. True, there are arm chairs near the large fireplace to the right, and various tables and chairs that occupy some of the space, but it's a room of practicality more than one that offers comfort and luxury. To the left is a wide hallway with many doors down its length, then if you look hard enough, you can see the shadows of a descending stairway at the end of the hall. The doors that are visible are -very- heavily made, with small square windows that are barred, and padlocks hang just above the doorlatches. Some padlocks are open, some locked, leaving you to wonder just what is kept on the other side of those locked doors. Suddenly, a shrill scream reaches your ears, high pitched and sharp with pain, sending a shiver down your spine. If you happen to be one with the kind of constitution that cannot withstand the thought of pain inflicted on another, discomfort settles heavily in the pit of your stomach. Then again, if you cater to the darker side of nature, the shiver you feel may very well be one of excitement as you try to picture just what is happening and wishing it were by your hand that such a delicious scream was born.

Now your curiosity takes a turn and you wonder just who would be in charge of such a place. Your memory flickers back to the small sign hanging outside, the title of Head Mistress that you see clearly in your minds eye, and next to it, the name Tawny. Your gaze slides back to the right where another stairway is seen, this one ascending. Before you know it, your steps are leading you to them, and before long you find yourself on the second floor. You cannot help but feel surprised at the differences between the first floor and the second. The doors are excellently crafted, the latches well oiled and gleaming with care, ornate sconces light the hallway, and the wooden floor is polished and smooth. There are only a few doors here, and it's safe to assume that each leads into an office. As you move down the hall, you look at the plaques, seeking one in particular. At the end of the hall is a single door, and it's there that you see the name you seek: ISA Head Mistress - Tawny. Reaching out with a clenched hand, you knock upon the door. A soft voice calls out.. "Come in." and you make your way within.

The first thing that captures your attention is the Sexy Cat Girl seated behind the large cherry wood desk. Hair of a warm soft light brown flows down her back, accenting her darker brown soft ears and tail. Eyes a black as a moonless midnight sky will meet yours as a welcoming smile touches her lips and she stands, "Greetings, I am Tawny, Head Mistress of the Imperial Slave Authority. Please, take a seat, and tell me what it is I can do for ye this day". Most would think she looked to sweet and kind to be sitting behind the Head Mistress of the ISA desk, yet there was the name plate on the desk that reads Tawny. Her voice so warm and comforting that you do as she bids without thought. As You sit there your mind tries to figure out how a woman who looks so soft and gentle could possibly be in charge of a place that caters to the ownership, training, and selling of slaves. Yet, it is very clear she is the one in charge as you watch her settle back into her chair. She tilts her head as she continues to watch you, curiosity in the depths of her gaze,

After taking all this in, you cannot help but say, "I find it hard to believe that a Catgirl that looks as delicious as you do, is the one in charge". She just smiles a warm gently smile, but in her eyes a dangerous warning flashes "Well thank ye. But it would do ye good to remember there is alot more to one than meets the eye". "Now, what is it that brings ye to my office this day"?

Slave Registration

The Authority maintains a list of registered slaves and their owners, which is available for public viewing at any time. Owners of slaves are required to register their property with them and pay the slave tax but in return, the empire offers protection against having registered slaves stolen or damaged.


Registering a slave costs 100 Mh and is required before a slave can wear a collar in TLI and before such ownership is officially recognised.

Included in the registration fee are a collar, and leash, made of simple leather for each slave registered. In addition, ONE training lesson given by a Sanctioned ISA Trainer, will be covered by the fee. The lesson can be given to the slave (OOC consent from the slave is required), or the owner in the form of a "How to..", by a Trainer of their choice.

Before registration can be accepted, players of both owner and slave must post notification on the Message Board. This post signifies their OOC agreement to the collaring and that they have both read and understood the rules of slave ownership.

Continued registration costs 10Mh monthly which is automatically deducted from the owner's bank account.

There are no limits on numbers of slaves owned except the ability to pay for their ownership and having enough equipment slots to hold them.

Benefits of Registration

A personal collar takes the form of {SB} for example to denote the name of the owner, in this case StormBringer.


Business Slaves

Shops and other official bodies are allowed to buy and own slaves to assist in the activities of their enterprise. Such slaves are subject to normal acceptable use but may also find their duties are more varied. They are not considered the personal property of the shopkeeper but that individual is ultimately responsible for the correct behavior of any slaves owned by their organization.

Two slaves may be owned by any officially recognised shop or enterprise except the Lonely Inn, which has no restrictions.

A business collar takes the form of {NB} for example to denote the Naked Bird.


The status of concubines may vary a lot in how their owners treat them and their expected public demeanor also differs from that of a slave to a significant degree. But so far as registration and deregistration is concerned, the system is exactly the same as for that used to register a slave except that the fee for a concubine registration is 50% that of a slave registration.

See the page on relationships for a fuller description on how slaves and concubines are expected to behave.

Switching Between Slave and Concubine

When an owner wishes to change the status of his property from slave to concubine, or vice versa, this will normally be done in a single visit to the ISA after suitable permissions have been posted on the board. The fee payable is the same as the fee for normal registration to the new status.

NOTE: This only applies when it is a change of status, not a change of owner. To change to a new owner requires the rules on deregistration and a new registration be followed.


Stealing and Damaging Slaves

(OOC Note: The full OOC permission of all concerned must exist for most of the following, else the role play is nullified and never happened.)

If a registered slave is reported stolen, then the Slave Authority will investigate. Should they find the allegations to be true, the slave will be found and returned, with the abductor punished as appropriate. The Authority will call on such assistance as it needs for this and will pay the necessary fees.

If a registered slave is reported raped or damaged without the owners consent, then the Authority may investigate. Should they find the allegations to be true, they will take appropriate action against the assailant using Imperial enforcers.

When ISA employees note a slave being publicly harmed in a way that goes beyond reasonable punishment, training or use of such property, they may require the owner to stop. In extreme cases, they may remove that slave and place her with a slaver for sale to a new owner.

Note that the Lonely Inn has a standing arrangement with the empire. Stealing, abducting or permanently damaging an Inn slave results in an automatic bounty placed on the perpetrator; that bounty is payable only on permanent death without resurrection.

Misbehaving Slaves

Owners of slaves who persistently behave in public in a manner unbecoming of their status will find themselves warned. If the owner does not take action to train their slave in proper public demeanour, the Authority may require that owner to place his slave with a slaver for training. The cost of this is met by the slave owner, who may also be required to take lessons in slave control.


If you have a problem OOC with your owner/slave relationship, you should speak to one of the ISA employees, or another Op. Disagreements can only be considered when backed up by logs of conversations.

Vanished/Deceased Owners or Slaves

Slave characters who become free in these circumstances may have their collar removed. They have the option to be captured or collared again when they wish (OOC).

Owners whose slaves disappear without apparent abduction may apply to the ISA to have the registration terminated.

Killing another character will not give you any rights to take their slaves as plunder.

(OOC Note: If an owner or slave disappears from TLI for more than a month, they have the option to have that relationship terminated. They can, of course, maintain the relationship if they wish. On termination the registration is cancelled and the owner's equipment slots freed up. The slave becomes either property of a slaver or free depending on their wishes.