Thieves Hideout

A hidden cache of the Empire’s stickier fingered populace. A secret circle of like minded folks gathered to trade off those goods robbed from the Stores or the various other spots or persons within the Empire. In a land of corruption there is always those ties back to the Crown itself. Bribes, protection money, blackmail and abject stealing, these are the things that make the Thieves guild. Their purpose is to take what they want, and get paid while doing so….so long as you don’t get caught. Secrecy is the most important component of the Guild; one must know there is an Honor Amongst Thieves so to speak. The members shouldn’t be offended if they are dealt information on a need to know bases…loose lips, after all, can lead to all sorts of trouble…and the less everyone knows….the less they have to tell.

A prominent figures home, (Ehlanna) will be used as the main gathering place, but as any good thief knows, there is always a need for a backup plan or secondary local to lay low in. The ruins of the old town are just the spot. Rumors abound of spirits haunting the rundown shambles of the buildings that remain there. But one building, a shell of the old saloon, holds under its floors a storage space and even a bootlegger’s path that will lead to the edge of this ghost town…if of course one knows where to find it. That is just the surface of the havens; safe houses are littered through town, the forest and even Valencia. Few within the guild know all the locations, and even those highly trusted members can never say for sure that they are one of those that do.

Within this guild there is a structure. One Prince of thieves, as well as a second in command, the face most commonly seen by most members or in case the first is not viable for contact. Low key, but there, always watching this is their duty. They receive the information, those strikes of where to hit and when. They can gather their ‘forces’ those who wish to steal, or attempt to, to make sweeps of stores, or other locations. They can indeed sharpen skills and for the price of loyalty, outfit those newcomers within the guild with a bit of coin and perhaps outfit them with tools of the trade. The names of the members are only whispers amongst the guild, again no one knows everyone for certain.

The guild will host ‘events’ or gatherings for those who wish to raid. Also they will keep track of Marks, those who might have a few bit of coin to share. They can use their knowledge to sell and trade gossip for coins. The empire finds the thieves useful in various ways. Commissions to obtain rare or valuable items seem to be the obvious purpose of the guild; apart from fencing. Nobles may hire our services to spy upon another….and what might a third Noble pay for the information about both? The Empire is rich in culture; smaller chapels are spread all over, ripe for the taking.

Secrecy is of the utmost importance…especially within the guild. Missions will be assigned and it is up to the member accepting the mission to make sure it is seen through to the end, or risk falling from favor within the guild. If word is leaked out revealing the details of the mission the consequences will fall back to the mission leader.

The guild will take care of their members, if and when possible. Need an alibi? One can likely be found. Need a spot to sleep while the rest of the empire hunts for you? We can arrange for a mint on the pillow. But there are two sides to every coin…while the comforts and perks of the guild are plenty…cross them and the results will leave you cold in the street on your own.