Towards the Northwestern roads, through the forested and mountainous reaches of the lands, stands a dark and ominous structure. An Imperial Proclaimation had been delivered by the Emperor during a time of strife and confusion as the great tower, Unigo, again lost another Headmaster due to some strange circumstances. Not wishing for yet another incident of the sort, Lord Stormbringer called upon the Arch Lich Archaon for wisdom and opinion. Not wishing the world of magic to fall corrupt in the hands of a singular Headmaster, plans were devised to construct a second tower. This tower would be named Umbara.

Much similar to the great Unigo, Umbara stands high above the lands. Old techniques of many centuries past have been poured into the massive structure. Labor and sweat, blood and strife have been employed to lift each massive stone into place. Like its twin predecessor, Umbara is constructed in almost identical size and shape. A fortress roof crowns the massive structure, and there is only one entrance into the dark tower. A massive pair of wooden doors banded in iron mark the entrance into Umbara, decorated with strange objects also made of iron. Just outside, a stable for those who choose to ride on horseback is available. The dark structure overlooks a tributary river that stems from the Thalis River, with a small lake to the eastern borders of the tower's property. To the west, mountains rising high into the skies. The grounds itself is surrounded by the forest.. suggesting that the area is of some strategic importance for such a structure to be built. The mere appearance of Umbara, however, seperates it from its twin across the lands. The tower stands high like a dark monolith, blackened stone and twisted design seperate it from its much older predecesor.

As one enters into this dark and mysterious new tower, the true purpose comes to light. A large foyer greets those who have travelled, with seating available for those who wish to rest themselves before proceeding with their studies or business. Sconces alight the darkness held within, showing student and teacher the way to their desires. Labratories dedicated to study and magical practice decorate the ringed appearance of the foyer. The smell of something sinister crawls in the air however. The barely audible sounds of screaming and moaning fill the otherwise quiet and forboding atmosphere as the stone walls contain powerful magics to muffle any tortuous noises from hidden captives, but not completely silence them. Towards the northern end of the foyer, another set of large doors, though not equal to the entrance of the tower, lay before any visitor's eyes. This room dedicated to storing all manner of knowledge and history, replicated from the halls of Unigo for access to those whom study within these dark walls.

The great library beyond those doors is vast. Large bookshelves filled with librams, tomes and lexicons of modern and ancient histories, collections of spells learned and perfected over the ages and bardic stories and fables chronicled. All manner of knowledge could be found here just like in Unigo. Large tables with chairs decorate the library for students who wish to sit and contemplate their work, or to study what others before them have passed on through the ages. To the east of the library's great doors lie another set of doors. Unlike the rest that can be found upon the main floor, these doors do not open easily, nor willingly. These doors have been magically empowered to allow only those with sufficient access through.

As the second floor of the tower becomes accessible, those who have earned access will find this level to be a little different. Many small doorways litter every side of this floor, with labratories and study offices laying just beyond each door. A similar doorway, just like the first, exists to the eastern side, but enchanted with a little extra security than the first. Each floor resembles such, and each floor's gateway door becomes stronger and stronger as the ascension continues. The eighth level differs in that it is a mere antechamber for those of the most senior ranking to gather and discuss matters of importance involving anything within the great dark tower from study habits, to the tower's political standpoint within the Empire.

There are also sub-levels that exist within the dark tower.. which are reserved for the more debaucherous acts that go on within this monolith. Rooms full of restraints and all manner of devices of bondage exist within these catacombs, both to serve as entrapment of unwilling victims to the cause of selfishness, and to restrain victims for other base needs and desires that may exist within. Experimentation with live subjects also goes on within these levels. Seductresses and other twisted wizards use these sub levels to test their power against the captives.. while screams, or moans, may echo from below. The second sub-level is home to a more unholy stage. This level is reserved for experimentation with death, the dead, and other associated studies. Healers may use this level to learn a sort of anatomy, while necromancers and others who may find interest in the functions of anatomy use this level to practice their most unspeakable traits and powers. The third and final sub-level is shrouded in complete mystery and shadow. Only a select handful of people in the entire Empire know of what exists within this sub level. It is so shrouded in secrecy, that access to this level is highly restricted to only the Headmaster, those who dwell within this floor, and whomever commands whatever dark forces that breathe in this darkness.

Within the walls and levels of the forboding lair of magic, secret passages and doorways may be found. Some of these secret areas lead to small rooms large enough for two, while others may serve as a place of meeting, or other means of interest. Each level of the tower, with exception to the eighth and ninth levels, has two seperate and hidden rooms, while the basement levels have three. The eighth and ninth levels have but one. There is also a secret and special tunnel like vein that leads from the main floor to the third, where the dealers of poisons may conduct sensitive businesses with those who dwell within that shadowy third sub-level.

Areas of Importance within Umbara

The Foyer - The Foyer serves as the entrance point into Umbara from the outside world, and as a staging area for any business that visitors may have with the shops located here. Sconces light the way within the darkness, while a mysterious feeling creeps into your very soul about this strange tower. Murals of historic reference give the stone walls a picturesque and story-telling feel. A waiting area with chairs and a small table can be found here as well. Rings made of iron line the walls.. perhaps a place one could chain their slaves to, or a recently taken victim.

Silent Embrace - The Silent Embrace is also located on ground level within the foyer. Here, silent and deadly brews are sold to those who have desires to inflict any manner of miasma to those who scorn or trouble them. The soft sounds of bubbling brews and hissing noises could be heard near the shop as employees use their skills to milk any manner of concoction from natural sources such as serpents or even plants and herbs grown within the gardens outside.

Gardens - Outside of Umbara's eastern side, a lush garden of herbs and plants grow freely here. Some plants may seem harmless to the eye, but most foliage that grow here are the work of Silent Embrace employees who have an abundant supply of plants with wicked potential.

Library - The Library within Umbara is fairly similar to the library within Unigo. Large tables and chairs lined up between bookshelves filled with vast knowledge and rich history can be found within. Manuals and tomes of magic can be found along the western side of the library, while history is seperated to the eastern side. Towards the back, the more darker arts have been seperated as well as few dare tread where others do not. Small tables and chairs can be found near the entrance if there are no other places suitable to sit and study.

Practice Chambers - The many rooms that line the tower levels are available for student and mentor alike to study and perform their magical talents. Each room also has a set of iron rings along each wall, and manacles that dangle from the ceiling in the middle of each room. These rooms also serve as a sort of prison for both imperial criminals, or hapless victims that are brought in to dabble upon.

Poison Labratory - This small room is hidden within one of the many secret areas, specifically behind the Silent Embrace, and specially equipped for the employees to brew their poisons and other deadly concoctions to sell and even use for their own.

Sub-levels - Beneath the everyday workings of Umbara lay the dark catacombs. Each subterranean level is home to different sorts of dastardly vices that are used as stations or experimental labratories. The first basement level resembles a dungeon.. home to all manner of chains, manacles, tables and yokes for those who bring willing or unwilling 'visitors' to the tower. Here, seductresses can torture those in bondage with their sexual magics, or other wicked magicians may use this floor for their carnal desires.

The second sub-floor is more labratory like than any other room or floor in the tower. Large tables with restraints can be found here, with cabinets filled with potions and other liquids to experiment with. Healers and Poison creators may find this floor useful for both poison/potion testing, and to learn the workings of their victims' anatomy.

The third catacomb is unlike any of the other two. Sealed from the rest of the tower itself, this dark and mysterious floor is home to a secret place where few dare tread. The only way in and out of this sub-level is through a secret path that was specially constructed from the ground level straight to this mysterious portion of the tower. What horrors that may lurk in here, or treacherous deeds done, only very few know.

Meeting Room - The Meeting Room is located on the eighth floor of Umbara, and within this room is a singular large table with chairs. Portraits and sconces decorate the walls within for lighting and atmosphere. It is here that the Headmaster, Assistant Headmaster, Silent Embrace Manager and the Arbiter of the Order of the Unspoken meet to discuss the goings on of the Empire, and Umbara's involvement (if any) with any important matters that arise within the world.

Headmaster's Office - The Ninth and highest floor is home to the Headmaster's Office. No other doors or rooms decorate this large and expansive office. A large desk and single chair reside within, with sconces and paintings along the walls. It is here that the Headmaster dwells during his downtime from the dealings of the tower's everday needs below. There is also a set of solid iron rings embedded within both western and eastern walls, if the Headmaster desires to 'lecture' or 'punish' any of the students or slaves that reside within.

Assistant Headmaster - Up those long winding stairs, moving slowly towards the very top of the tower, though stopping short, not quite the highest point, though close to it. A door. Wide and imposing. Seeming to take up most of the wall, dwarfing whomever stands before it, be they human, or centaur. Upon that door is a snarling wolfhead, its eyes set in emerald, its teeth clamped down upon the ornate knocker. Should one be given entrance, they would find, within, a room that seems to swallow them, large spacious ceiling, the stone of the walls dark, giving the room an ominous feel even as light invades it from every corner. The far wall seeming to be nothing but glass, the view fantastic, able to see for miles. Before that window, shadowed by the light behind it, would stand a table. Ornate, stretching across the floor towards any who stand in supplication at the door. As one would draw nearer, they would note the wide, heavy cherry wood legs would support a smooth marble top, grey striated with black, spider-webbing lines that arched from one corner to the next, sometimes seeming to make arcane symbols, sometimes seeming to be merely designs of chaotic intent. Simple, ornate chairs placed around this table, though the one closest to that wide window would be the tallest, the most imposing, almost as if it were a throne, rather than a mere chair. Along the walls, stretching from the door, to the arc of that window, are book cases. Hundreds of books surrounding the room. Seeming to be more ancient text, the heavy smell of parchment, of knowledge, filling the lungs of any who seek the Hydromancer, in such a place. Only when one would glance upwards, would they realize the reason that the furniture was so scarce, arcane markings set into the ceilings, geometric shapes set into odd designs, making it apparent that this room had many uses. Although the true extent would be known only to a Master of the Arts.