Legends of Belariath


Magic, such an inane word at times. It seems to fit the mold from sliced bread to that pyromancer who just flamed you down. "How did you do that?" "It's Magic!" Indeed, it is magic, but we can only touch on its rudimentary basics and yet magic itself is far more in-depth then most can touch upon or perhaps take the time to think over. Magic isn't just about reading a spell book nor is a few flicks of your fingers going to do the job. Heavier magics require concentration and a definitive memory that keeps the concept behind the magic at your fingertips. Sometimes the words and the meaning behind the spell are far more important than how often you can get it out, how much concentration, time and effort you put into it is what helps you in role play to increase the power of that particular spell. Having a mentor definitely will give you an edge. But why? Familiarity with your spells and your character and rolling that all into how you play out casting definitely gives you an edge. From knowing which spell to use in any given situation to the flavoring behind the casting. It's not just about... "Oh, I toss a lightning bolt." *yawn* It's the spirit behind it all. It's as much a part of how you role play as it is to simply use it and define it.

Magic itself is not only based on the Intelligence of the mage, but also on just how much stamina you use. Every slot you put into a spell is also one stamina point from your stats used up. A mage should be careful throwing out too heavy a spell and use his wits as much as any agility he has. It's not all about the heavy damage but sometimes about being a better rounded balanced magic user. Never scoff too hard at thinking you have so much put into your Intel that once you hit your opponent it's all good from there. More than likely you'll find you've just let off that 15 slot Earth Quake and now you've not the stamina to help you avoid that Monk's next haymaker, nor to cast anything that could have helped disable his charging form. Magic isn't just about the big boom, it's also about using your head.

And even if you are not a Mage, you can hardly avoid magic. It's an integral part of life on Belariath. Almost every character can use it to some degree, whether for fun, for adding to erotic play, or to alleviate some of the drudgery of daily work. And since any fighter has a good chance of coming up against a magic-user in their next combat, it would be a rash warrior who didn't at least understand his opponent, the better to counter those devilish spells!


Offensive Spells

An offensive spell targets your opponent(s) with the intention to cause damage to them. They may only be used in combat. Refer to the section regarding Combat to learn the specifics of how to deal damage. Each slot purchased makes the spell a bit more powerful, up to a maximum of 15 slots per spell.

Defensive Spells

A defensive spell is used in combat to increase the user's ability to withstand either physical or magical damage. Like Offensive Spells, they may only be used in combat. Each slot purchased makes the spell a bit more powerful, up to a maximum of 15 slots per spell.

Healing Spells

Healing spells have two uses. In combat they can be used to replace lost LFE or STA points, enabling the contender to keep fighting. Outside combat they can be used by a mage to repair damage to another character or to themselves.

Area Spells

An area spell like fireball is useful if there is more than one opponent involved in the combat. This effectively makes a magical attack on all opponents simultaneously. It can only be used by advanced magic users.

Debuff Spells

When it comes to detrimental spells (debuffs) a player cannot exceed a negative more than 50 percent. This does not include players who have disabilities. This only means that that the negative received from a spell or combination of spells can be as high as -50%.


There are a variety of spells that use the effect known as stun. A stunned player may not commit any offensive actions, but may still defend as normal, including if they wish to activate defensive spells, evade or stumble away. If a player is targeted by any offensive spell while stunned, the stun immediately wears off. A character cannot be affected by a new stun effect until 2 full turns have passed since the original effect has worn off.

Anywhere Spells

Some spells may be used anytime, anywhere. Be it combat or not, you may use these spells for fun, fighting, or more carnal activities. Each slot purchased makes the spell a bit more powerful, up to a maximum of 15 slots per spell.

Refreshing spells

While there are some spells that are specific in how they work as far as being refreshed, the general rule for spells that have any kind of duration whether offensive or defensive is that they cannot be refreshed until their original cast time has worn off. In the case of defensive spells you must use a turn to first cancel the spell and then use another turn to re-cast the spell. You cannot continually cast spells with a stun attached to them to refresh the stun duration on a spell. The opponent cannot be affected by a new stun effect until 2 full turns have passed since the original effect has worn off.

Advanced Classes

When you reach a level where you can choose to upgrade your base Magical Class into an Advanced Magical Class, you will find certain Advanced spells require starter spells from either the Common or Arcana sphere. It is wise to remember that once you advance, you will no longer have access to new spells from your base class sphere. Instead, you will only be able to strengthen the existing base class spells you have by purchasing them at the magic shop. All new spells you are able to add will be designated by your Advanced Class and the new Sphere you have evolved to.

Please note that certain Advanced Classes gain bonuses and have penalties for taking on their new class. With power comes cost. For example, Fire Mages will lose any and all spells that have an affinity for Ice or Water (like Ice Shards). Seductresses will lose any and all spells that cause direct physical harm.

Non-Combat Spells

Non-combat or OOB (Out Of Battle) spells are mainly intended for fun and entertainment in general role play at the Inn. But they also include more useful spells for such people as healers, slaves, artisans etc.

On starting, providing you have any magical ability, you get a free OOB spell that doesn't use a spell slot. Further OOB spells have to be added in the usual way. Note that there is absolutely nothing to gain by having an OOB spell take more than one spell slot. Doing so will neither make the spell more effective, not make it more likely to succeed. Thus, all OOB spells have a maximum of one slot each.

Unless specifically stated, all spell casting requires verbal enunciation and hand gestures. Bound characters are unable to cast any spells except those which do not need hand gestures. Mute, deaf or gagged characters are unable to cast any spells except those which do not require voice. Blind characters are unable to cast any ranged spell and must demonstrate how they learned hand gestures to use touch or self spells.

Costs for spells:

Slots 1 - 5: 100 Mhl for each slot

Slots 6 - 10: 500 Mhl for each slot

Slots 11 - 15: 1,500 Mhl for each slot.

Spell Spheres

In the realm of wizardry, one had best know which spells fall into which Sphere. A "Sphere" is a large, blanketing category of magical powers that can range from spells that everyone you'll encounter may cast, to very specialized fields of sorcery that require very specific classes may use. Each spell that exits in Belariath falls into its own Sphere. Some spells cross-over into other Spheres, but not all of them. To find out if you may cast a spell from the spell lists, consult the following chart:

Click on the Sphere name for a list of the actual spells and how they work.

  • Common Sphere
    Common sphere includes an everyday or non battle spells that while not lethal are effective and open to all but please see exceptions. All classes may use spells in this sphere with the exception of the Advanced class Warlord.
  • Healing Sphere
    The healing sphere itself is reserved for Healers alone though a few spells are open to others. These spells are made only to determine what wounds one might have and to weave them together. They are not sudden cure alls and only aide the body in speeding up the process of healing. For minor wounds such as light gashes, small burns and some head wounds 1 day. For medium slices to cuts and even some broken bones such as fingers and toes and medium burns to ice inflicted wounds, 3 days. To major wounds such as deep cuts and broken bones to ribs, 5 days are still required for the body to heal fully.
  • Nature Sphere
    These spells delve into the mystery of nature itself using trees and vines and bushes around them as an extension of the one that wields this to perhaps helping to heal the very forest itself. Druids, Nature Races, Nature's Protector and Hierophants may use this Sphere.
  • Symphonic Sphere
    Most of these spells require an instrument and will say so. These spells rely on the music plucked from the bards fingers or the harmonizing sounds of her voice to carry it through. Bards and Entertainers may use this Sphere.
  • Spirit Sphere
    The Spirit spells themselves are a frothing conglomerate of the world that is unseen. A touch of madness must be within those that use them for they delve into what most would never understand and swirl in the worlds between the living and the dead. Shaman may use this Sphere.
  • Fire Sphere
    Earth Sphere
    Air Sphere
    Water/Ice Sphere
    These four spheres delve into the elementals of the world around us. Fire burns and Earth shakes and molds. Air sweeps outwards like a gale force and Water comes crashing down to and can be either a liquid or solid. Elemental Mages use the Elemental Sphere that corresponds with these Element spells.
  • Necromatic Sphere
    Primarily these spells are left to the delicate and often times grotesque magic's of the Necros. Dealing within the death around them and almost transmuting ones body to do their bidding, reanimating what once was live tissue now dead to walk and work at their masterful behest. Necromancers use this Sphere.
  • Sexual Sphere
    The word sexual says it all. A cajoling and twisting of emotions and senses the women that use these spells are quite wily and well versed in how the body must move to how very sensitive it can be. Seductresses use this Sphere.
  • Arcana Sphere
    Totally non-lethal and yet totally effective. Or is it? Some spells within this sphere are quite lethal indeed while others were made to shape a person to the will of the one that delves into this particular sphere.
  • Magus Sphere
    An electrifying change that uses all spheres to its bidding and can even combine them. No one knows but the Magi how to call upon these spells but one thing is for certain they are unique to the race. Magi can use this Sphere.
  • Illusion Sphere
    What the eye sees is not always what is there. Caution should be used around the class that can wield these spells. You are never certain if what you are seeing should be believed and likely it should not. Bard, Magi can use this Sphere.
  • Divine Sphere
    These are not spells at all but the Gods and Goddess granting unto those that do their bidding their own will and energy to be transferred to the Priest and into either victim or friend. These are prayed for and begged for, given only to those most worthy. Priest/ess, Cleric can use this Sphere.
  • Naval Sphere
    When at sea sometimes normal magic is too weak or limited in range to get the job done; these spells allow the caster enough fire power to work both offensively and defensively while battling to survive in the hardest conditions. Naval spells are spells specifically designed to damage ships and their crew, but only work on the water due to the massive amounts of water and salty, sea blown winds necessary to use them. Naval spells span multiple classes but are restricted to Level 10 or higher.
  • Racial Sphere
    Uncommon and quite versatile is the Racial spells allotted to most of the races we do have and see within Belariath itself. Every race is of course different from the first and with their births comes a new bit of magic that's inherent to them. From the Moriels Web to the Quick gallop of the Centaur. Don't forget to delve within what is offered or you may miss something that during your role play might have fit you so very well.