Legends of Belariath

NPC Bestiary

While Belariath has many familiar animals you will also find a selection of rather more weird and wonderful creatures which you are unlikely to encounter anywhere else. Indeed, you may think yourself fortunate not to risk encountering many of these beasts outside of fantasy. Some of them are rather nasty! While there is some gray area between NPC races and NPC beasts, the usual criteria for making that division are signs of a developed intelligence beyond mere instinct. Instinct and genetics may lead non-sentient creatures to build communities or work in packs, but a higher degree of intelligence will be capable of rational thought, the development of a language and the ability to conceive of abstract concepts.

Below you will find a list of all the unique NPC beasts included in the roleplay, together with a brief description. Following the link will provide you with more information about that creature.


Found Where: The high peaks of Valencia

Size: Large. 20 foot wing span, from snout to tail tip, 16 feet in length.

A typical Mephos

Description: These predatory meat eating creatures more resemble a cross between a dragon and a zebra gone wrong. Yet the animals themselves are wondrously gorgeous. Scales run from under the chin to under the long tail thats whip like and thin rather then fat and muscled. The wings are thin, membranes easily seen and yet they can run in a myriad of colors ranging from sand to bronze as can the creatures themselves with the exception of the zebra like stripes that curve around the thick if not long sinewy neck to the tail tip. Only its underbelly and neck to tail are scaled, thick round scales that are warm to the touch and help provide coverage from arrow strikes below it. The head itself is wide, eyes running from golden to deep seated browns and to the lightest of blues depending on coloration. Its snout however is rather short and sports small razer like teeth since its main dish is the larger deer that run wild along the mountain sides and any sheep they can pluck from a farmers back yard. shaped almost dog like however, the ears themselves are very thin and short. The back and sides however sport a very fine hair to them, silky to the touch and warm. This animal however has been known to land by humans from time to time and lay along large stones, watching them, seemingly only aggressive when cornered and never has there been a case of this majestic creature attacking man without first being attacked. Their front arms are a bit shorter then those thick muscled back legs, likely because they use them so oft to launch themselves into the air and all four legs are capped with short if not sharp talons used mostly for gripping to rock. Indeed, some claim that the first settlers of Valencia once befriended these creatures at young ages since the nest usually only consist of three eggs, large and red to muddy hues. A bonding they would have called it but now how to tame them has been lost when the first race vanished from Valencia.

Abilities: Keen eyesight as well as night vision, these creatures can even on a dark or cloudy day to misty see more then 5 miles. Their sense of smell is as well quite keen and rivals even a wolves. Speeds three times what a dragon could do in the air and highly agile.

Disadvantages: These creatures though highly attuned in eyesight and scent have trouble hearing, perhaps because those ears are so small. As well, the smell of smoke to a heavy fire seems to attracted them easily, always curious they'll even dive upon a large bonfire to see if they can cozy up. Odd really since they live in the highest reaches of Valencia Mountains and only have just begun being seen. They also seem most attracted to magic, highly sensitive as they are with fire, these creatures almost seem to 'sense' powerful spells going off and pop out of nowhere. Its possible they simply hover about, trying to decide if their curiosity is worth it.

Special: It is highly possible to 'bond' with these creatures though once they reach the age of 5 when they are fully grown and live to be over 300 its said they become two 'sensitive' or 'stubborn' about excepting a human that close all the time. However the younger generations seems docile enough and at times could possibly be bounded to. Its best to get them as young eggs but it takes a long time. Also it is possible to 'ride' these beasts once bonded and trained properly but one must be an expert in horsemanship or trained for six months of rp time in knowing how.

In Battle Only: When in the air on one of these great beasts, it will lend its rider its 'sight' for five turns only before the 'contact' is broken this works out of combat. Much like a familiar but not as sharp. This can be done once daily. It also if one continues to ride on this beast, gives the rider a +3 to defense and a +2 to agility but once off the beast, these are lost. The creature in combat will add a +5 to defense and will not fight the riders battles for him. The stats used are the Riders of course with these stat bonuses added to when on your Mephos.


Found where: The marshes

Size: Medium. 8 1/2 feet in length to five feet at the shoulders.

A typical Jhore NPC beast

Description: Obviously this creature is of the lizard family but no lizard ever got this big. Long almost flat snout and wide nostrils make this lizard one of the best 'blood hounds' around. It can sniff down its prey which usually consists of smaller things then itself and its not picky, for over 15 miles. The tail however is long, thick and muscled. Heavily so with a large ball of muscle at the end. Presumably so that it can smack its prey and stun it if the talons of this beast that are two inches in length and strong or its long canines in that snout that jut below the bottom jaw don't get you first. Though it prefers to slap hard with its tail. The faintest whiff of blood will find this creature whomping along at a steady and durable pace that could potential outlast a horse but isn't as fast though only by a few mph. Coloration of scales is unique. Iridescent to dark dirty browns that still seem to cast a dull iridescent light. It does indeed however own ears, tall, very thin and fan outwards towards the tip. No doubt the stuff of ones nightmares to see this creature coming at you seemingly tireless. Its armored with thick scales that even a crystal blade has trouble cutting through and its steady rhythmic gait makes this a valuable land creature indeed. Eyes range from dark browns to golden and dark greens. It will eat.. anything, more like a garbage picker then most realize and it doesn't mind eating something thats left dead for a one day period. Why the marshes? It needs the constant coolness though doesn't need to live in water and can go for days without drinking it.

Abilities: Its keen scent is indeed a great ability to one of say a rangers needs for tracking. The smallest scent given to the creature and he can and will track you down almost tirelessly.

Disadvantages: The creature must stay cool at all times, it prefers the wooded areas to its marsh homelands and is usually found towards the west. Of late its food supply seems to have dried up and its coming closer and closer into contact with man and humanoids alike. The first to spot these creatures were the Goblins and.. few were left to tell the tale. While the creatures hold great prowess as hunters, they aren't all that bright either. Obviously if they are eating whatever gets set in front of their snouts, they can't be all that bright.

Special: If caught and tamed while still young, these creatures could be trained to take a saddle and be ridden across the land itself. However its motions are not smooth so rider be ware you could be rubbed off on a tree or simply can't hold your seat so likely leather bindings will be needed to stay in place. The creature can be trained which makes its disposition semi-docile and yet if hungry enough, they can snap at their own riders.

These creatures however don't live long, likely because of its odd feeding habits of eating anything that gets to close to its snout. Ten years seems to be the max and they reach their full length and height by six months so hunters beware.

In Battle Only: If you use your Jhore in battle and chose to use your turn to have the Jhore 'charge' the opponent you would roll a common !clophyatk +10. When riding these creatures the rider is given a +4 to defense and a +1 to agility. However this is only while on the creature.


Found where: The open waters and Islands North East and South East

Size: Large. 11 feet 6 inches

Description: Sleek of build, this sea dwelling creature is both of salt and fresh water, considered large of size, its body grows from eight feet to eleven feet six inches. Long back legs protrude from its near shark like body, webbed feet end in four inch talons and propel the beast along at 3 to 7 miles per hour. They can go over 20 miles per hour when they work hard. It gas a long serpentine tail and flat fin. The front legs are shorter and sport the same webbed taloned feet as the rear but are likely used to help steer the creature. Its body has to remain sleek and is usually a dark grey to near blue in coloration with the scales running small and rounded, dull in shade and sparse. The head is close to what one might consider almost dragon'ish. With large sharp teeth, wide at the nose and tall standing fan like ears that swivel in all directions and even flatten to the head when the creature is at full capacity in speed. Considering these are both meat eating and plankton eaters, their preferred supper rests in the hard shells of the sea snails and lobsters found far below surface. But have been known to startle the larger birds of prey that will sit upon the waves for a rather light snack.

Abilities: Able to breath air as well as breath under water up to three hours below and reach great depths. The nostrils are large and flaring, its best feature for it can smell another for over twelve miles away. Camerie can go 3 to 7 miles per hour.

Disadvantages: Though the Camerie is suited best for salt and fresh water travel, they can also be on land but not for more then an hour top. Any longer and their skin to scales begins to dry out and gravity begins to take its toll on the creatures making them ill. Once on land, the best these creatures can move is a slow walk of an injured high human. A Camerie out of water further then an hour will die. Their eye sight above water is not the best, murky and out of focus. The Camerie suffers a -5 to their defense when out of water.

Special: The Camerie are not exactly simplistic thinking creatures. They are problem solvers and hunt in packs. This is particularly helpful for sea goers when cruising across the ocean for they can help to round up fish for a good meal and, potentially in great numbers, scare off or help aide in defeating the Blue Dragons found at sea. A few simple slaps to the surface will always bring a tamed Camerie to your call. Easy to train, they perhaps are slightly smarter then the average horse. A series of signals aide in their training and direction of what you wish your Camerie to do.

In Battle only: When upon your Camerie you have a +5 Defense bonus and +3 to your agility in water. Out of water it is a -5 to defense and -3 to agility. You may chose in battle which you wish your Camerie to attack with, either a Tail Lash or a Bite attack. You roll a !clophyatk +10.