Legends of Belariath

NPC Races

Playable races are ones which are offered as alternatives when you create your character. NPC (non-playable character) races are ones which you cannot choose for normal play. They may however appear as adversaries in quests or during some event such as an attack on the town. It is also possible you may encounter some of them when you explore beyond the confines of the known empire. Belariath is a large world much of which is still shrouded in mystery, just as it should be in a roleplay of this type!

Below you will find a list of all the NPC races included in the roleplay, together with a brief description. Following the link will provide you with more information about that race.


The banshee , from ban (bean), a woman, and shee ( sidhe, a fairy), is an attendant fairy that follows the old families and wails before a death. Folklore said the voice of the Banshee was sometimes a terrifying shriek or ghastly wail or a soft, comforting voice addressed to those whom the Goddess loved 'a welcome rather than a warning' of the coming passage into the unknown realm of death.


Brownies, or "The Little Brown Men" as they are sometimes known, are the type of woodland being most often encountered, which is to say not really very often at all. They are a race of nature spirits whose clear reason for existence is unknown, but are generally regarded as the embodiment of nature's penchant for organization and practicality. They are known for their benevolent good nature, unfailing politeness, and a seemingly instinctive desire to provide assistance to those who require it most.


Dragonkind come from a history shrouded in mystery. They are a diverse race of many sizes, ranging from the slightly-larger-than-human to the grandiose toppling-a-mountain breeds. They come in all colors and all shapes. Some dragons are called serpents, their long coils seen writhing around a ship far out to sea. Some dragons dwell only amongst the darkest caverns, or in great vast lava-scapes beneath volcanic mountains. These have no wings and manage to slink around rather subtly for creatures of such size.


The K`Sir are nomads and fierce warriors of the black desert, living their lives in the cursed sands of the Desert of the Doomed - they have developed a culture that demands only the strong survive. Among these orc-like people, a portion of the male K`sir are 'blessed' by their God to be the perfect representation of chaos and desert. From the waist down, they have the body of a dvik, a scorpion like animal with thick plated carapace interspersed by shaggy fur, and a long curling tail with stinger on its end.

The Northern Clans

The Northern Clans are varied in a number of ways, but they are united in all the ways that matter. They are consumed with a need to destroy all elven races and to expand the reach of the NorthernClans. How to do so is what keeps them from uniting completely.


A unicorn is a creature of mythological wonder and rumor. It is believed by some that the unicorn is only one of the many forms that Gods can take. Others believe it to be a true creature that lives in remote parts of the woods, its numbers small due to hunters. Looking like a regular horse, its fur is not always a white or silvery color. Colors of black or a combination can be found though are a rarity. What sets it apart from a regular horse is a single horn extending form its head.