Legends of Belariath

Magic and Enchantments

Listed below are the available spells to date. This list is being added to as visitors to the roleplay make suggestions about what they want to see here. Spells can either be used in battle, out of battle or both and are marked accordingly.

Suggestions can be made via the Message Board, if there are spells you would like adding to the list or if you would like to join discussions about the use of magic in Belariath.

Battle Spells

Cast of Shadows:
Level required: 5
Class required: Entertainer, Mage, Magi, Bard

Casting method: ranmagatk
Defending method: ranmagdef

Description: Class Restrictions: Bard, Entertainer, Mage, Nature, Magi X2

An odd spell no doubt, for its activated by the soft sounds of humming and the direction of what the Caster sees his shadow doing. As the hum increases, the shadow of the Caster himself will begin a dance. Alluring, eye catching, it begins to take on a life all its own. Hopping upon surfaces until an eerie three dimensional being seems to form. Splits into two... three... And further the higher level the Caster is. Used mainly as a distraction, it also tends to keep the eyes following, tricking one for many a minute into a stunned silence of seeing ones shadow dancing and luring them to continue to watch.

:MECHANICS: This spell cost 2 stamina plus one per slot to cast. This spell causes no damage but keeps their victim watching the shadowy dance, leaving them confused and thoroughly entrapped by what their eyes see. The Caster uses a simple !ranmagatk roll, vs !ranmagdef. If the opponent loses upon the rolls, he will be entranced, watching the Shadow dance and move. The amount of time spent entranced depends on the number of shadows created which is determined by levels of the Caster: 1-5 1 Shadow, 6-8 2 shadows, 9-12 3 Shadows, 13-15 four shadows and no more than this. Effectively allowing the Caster plenty of time to disengage himself from a potential problem. No further spells may be cast upon the opponent so ensnared by this Spell and if opponent is hit by anyone or thing while watching the shadow, the spell is broken immediately. The victim may still roll an !evade on his or her turn.

Illusional Person:
Level required: 2
Class required: Magi, Mage, Entertainer, Bard

Casting method: other
Defending method: none

Description: By use of this spell a caster can create a basic type of humanoid that can look as they wish, or make it look as a twin to the caster. This illusion has no sound whatsoever just the appearance.

:MECHANICS: When cast outside of battle this spell last for the scene, allowing the soundless illusions to move as the caster sees fit to enhance a performance or perhaps to distract and fool others into thinking they are real. At level 10 the caster can make one extra illusion for a total of 2.

When Cast in combat the caster can use the soundless illusions to confuse an opponent when attacking, giving the caster a bonus to any close attack roll of 1% for every slot invested to a max of 10%. At level 10 a second image can be created giving the caster a 2% bonus to any close attack roll per slot up to a maximum of 20% at 10 slots. The spell lasts for 1 round every three slots and can only be cast once per combat scene. Does not affect an opponent that is magically or naturally blinded. Cannot be cast along side Mirror Image. Only the caster themselves benefit from the bonus even if certain things use their stats, like a necromancer's minion or a firemage's Elemental.

Mind over Matter:
Level required: 10
Class required: Bard, Mage, Magi, Entertainer

Casting method: ranmagatk
Defending method: ranmagdef

Description: Class restrictions: Bard, Mage, Magi, Entertainer, Nature. X3

If you've ever wished you could trick your enemy into believing they were somewhere else, now is the time to do it. The spell itself must be chanted/sung to come into existence, the words matter only in the creation of what you are trying to get your enemy to see. With but a simple sound of the casters singing voice, he can make a barren area appear to be a lush valley or perhaps the edge of a mountain. Now, this truly isn't real, but to the spell caster's enemy, it is what he sees that matters, not what reality dictates. This spell is rather handy to confuse, and make one fear. Sometimes illusions hurt more than the reality we can touch.

MECHANICS: This spell takes two rounds to cast and is set free at the end of the second round, however if the spell is interrupted such as a successful hit against the caster the spell is lost and must be recast. A !ranmagatk versus a !ranmagdef by all opponents within 20 yards of the caster determines success. If the opponent(s) lose, they take a penalty of -10% to all combat rolls due to the confusion of where they are actually located. This spell only lasts so long as the caster continues to spend their turn chanting, and will linger for one turn when they finish. Will stack with other spells up to the maximum -50% penalty.

Rainbow Colors:
Class required: Magi, Magi, Entertainer, Bard

Casting method: ranmagatk
Defending method: ranmagdef

Description: Class Restrictions: Bard, Entertainer, Mage, Magi,. X1

Casting this spell will send out brilliant beams of multi colored lights that can temporarily create spotty vision for anyone that happens to be looking. The casting of this spell only affects people that were looking upon its colors at the creation of the spell.

Mechanics: A typical Ranged Magical attack is made from the caster. Anyone that is looking right at the colorful array of lights when cast and comes on display must make a ranged magical defence. Typically this spell is used to confuse and daze someone trying to capture them, such as a slave trying to avoid their Master. If this attack is successful, then the target and anyone else who were watching at the creation of this spell will be visually impaired for 1 turn per 2 slots used in the casting. Whilst the blindness lasts the target will have a 30% reduction in their attack rolls. This does not stack with any other visual impairment, natural or spell induced. When in doubt, only the biggest penalty applies.

Shadow Bolt:
Level required: 2
Class required: Mage, Magi

Casting method: ranmagatk
Defending method: ranmagdef

Description: Class Restriction: Nature, Mage, Magi . X1

This illusionary bolt is shot out by the caster, hitting the target. The bolt might be an illusion but it's made of the shadow substances so can still do damage.

:MECHANICS: When shot the shadow bolt can basically look like anything the caster wishes as long as it doesn.t exceed a baseball in size. Damage that is done is as per a typical ranged Magical attack and defended as ranged magical defence. Keep in mind that this bolt of shadow is still a basic coloration of blacks to dark grey but still rather effective despite its shadowy appearance. This spell Impacts for harsh damage if the defender loses the roll.

Torrent of Tears:
Level required: 8
Class required: Bard, Mage, Magi

Casting method: ranmagatk
Defending method: ranmagdef

Description: Class Restrictions: Bard, Nature, Mage, Magi . X2:

This spell is rather handy in a testy situation. It also takes one round to prepare with the caster at half defence. With a few words and concentration, the spell caster chooses his or her opponent and actually forces them into a real crying fit that will have them wailing and doubling up from the strength of the emotion. Far stronger then Spindle of Emotions, this spell actually incapacitates the opponent. Making them clasp stomach and cry as if their best friend had just been lost to an avalanche or they've just found out they are to be enslaved to their most hated enemy.

:MECHANICS: A typical !ranmagatk vs !ranmagdef is used, if the opponent loses they immediately begin blubbering and feel so saddened that they either double up with these tears flowing and wailing away, or feel the need to crumble down, cry quietly and stare. This spell lasts the duration of 1 round per every three slots put into the spell. IE: 1-3 slots 1 round. 4-7 slots 2 rounds. 8-10 3 rounds 11-13 4 rounds. 14-15 5 rounds. It costs the caster however 1 point of stamina for every slot put into the spell for this is very draining on them as well as the one they cast it upon.

Anywhere Spells

Reflection Glass:
Level required: 10
Class required: Bard, Entertainer, Mage, Magi

Casting method: clomagatk
Defending method: clomagdef

Description: Class Restriction: Bard, Mage, Magi, Entertainer . X3

By use of this spell and a Mirror or even a reflective surface as long as it's as large as a hand held mirror or even a window late at night, the Caster can use the reflection of her form to actually linger or appear as if it's still there, solid. When the spell is set free, and the eyes of the Caster are upon a reflective surface, a vision of them is left behind. Though it might not fool the eye for long, it will still leave one with the lasting impression that the Caster hasn't left. Leaving the opponent to approach or even slash at the image left behind, totally ignoring the fact the Caster might have just walked past them. This is a very handy spell but can only be cast during the first two rounds of a fight or before the fight begins.

:MECHANICS: The caster must win the Initiative roll first and spend five stamina. Caster rolls a typical close magical attack, defended as a typical close magical defence roll. What the opponents defence cannot cover, is the number of rounds they will believe the reflection of the Caster is the real one; despite hitting their opponent, despite any spells cast at the reflection, the opponent will believe they've seen it hit. While this illusion spell is very powerful, it also has its drawbacks. Should the Caster hit his opponent in any way, be it spell or physical blow, the opponent will immediately know he's been tricked and the spell will dissipate.

Spindle of Emotions:
Level required: 4
Class required: Entertainer, Mage, Magi, Bard

Casting method: clomagatk
Defending method: clomagdef

Description: Class Restrictions: Bard, Nature, Entertainer, Mage, Magi . X1

With this touched base spell, one can change the emotions of their opponent or their friend by skin to skin contact and the casting of this spell. From angry, to sad and from happy to enraged and even to forgetful.

:MECHANICS: A simple !clomagatk vs. !clomagdef is all that is needed and the emotional change if defender loses, lasts the entire scene. Skin to skin contact must be had while the spell is being cast, the emotion given must be stated firmly to the one you are casting this upon. However bare in mind that this spell, while handy, cannot be used to sift them into total submissive. Only the emotions can be affected, not to be used as a command such as, "Good girl, now lie on your back and let me rape you." This spell costs 5 stamina.