Quest Events

Quest events are usually run without roleplay and are open to everyone to take part. The outline is set by the organiser and those taking part interpret the quest in the form of a story instead of playing it out in channel, with the best ones getting a prize.

The Quest for The Baron's Silver

A criminal group of Goblins working together with a band of dwarves have been found to be pilfering local nobles silver items and melting them down to make items of jewellery. This one baron who was robbed however was able to give us some information on the items and whereabouts of the thieves.

On review the guild-master placed a notice on the board and decided to open it up to anyone who wished to take on the task of finding and hopefully returning the missing items. Below are the testimonies of the brave individuals that embarked and returned some of the missing quota, but the baron was saddened that some of his items had been lost forever.

An Eye For An Eye

Ghekkufet Tamaut Tsaa, has attempted to annex the lands of the far Eastern land bridge dividing the Third & Second continents. Lands paid for with the blood of Imperial forces for the past 20 years.

The Quest of Festivals Common

In his supreme wisdom, His Divine Royal Majesty StormBringer, Ruler and Protector of the Known World, Slayer of all Beasts of Chaos and Dragons, Keeper of the Civilized Knowledge, Humbler of Titans, and Sole Communicator with the Only Acknowledged God of the Crown and Realm referred to as Belariath or until he in his supreme virtuous wisdom selects another next week as the more true God has issued a Quest for those of Celebratory Excess.

In that the festivals and celebrations of the peoples common must be recognized even though his most generous and kind Divine Royal Majesty knows that the Celebrations that had better be being held in his honor could not be rivaled, has a desire though truly no interest in learning of what other petty Festivals and Celebrations specific districts, towns, tribes and groups etc. partake in although the peoples should be working instead to further his coffers. None the less, in his Blinding Aura and Glory, Lord StormBringer has demanded the worlds knowledge on Festivals common be brought before him for review.