Legends of Belariath

Drak Sen

Usually ranging from the height of 5'7" to 6'6" they are mortals borne from the dreams of dragons. Created to serve the great ones in their time of need, to govern themselves and watch the flows of time as the world passed. From times past the Dragon-kin kept a neutral outlook on the world they were created to watch, scribes unto themselves to record all of history as the dragons slept. Now, fully coming into view within the world of Belariath, they too seek to claim a part of history and let themselves be known, only in rarity akin to the Magi, for their first and only duty is that to those who spawned them, the Dragons.

With long muscular tails of scale that reflect their chosen born sphere, tiny underdeveloped horns on the crowns of their heads, and patches of fine thin scales on several sections of their slender bodies, as well as eye and hair colors come in any normal color imaginable, from silvery white tresses to ebony locks Drak Sen often form a divers figure. Drak Sen live to be well around 500 turnings although there are some rare ones that have been known to withstand the aging process and live for much longer, of course unless one is told the age they would never know, as Drak Sen's physically stop aging after 20 turnings. One can always ask the age, but unless he or she is a trusted companion a Drak Sen would hardly ever share such information. Males and females have always been equal among this race, as they seem to understand that each gender has its strong suits as well as their weaknesses.

The tail of the Drak Sen is as special as the walking Dream they were created from. Reaching a length that can just touch the back of the head of the Drak Sen, it is a muscular wonder layered in fine scales that can be used in any combat situation to swipe out at an enemy that isn't wise enough to watch for its lashing strike. Thick and coming to a soft rounded point, while flexible enough to whip around and strike, it is not meant to coil about objects nor be used within a sexual encounter, though it could if the object isn't to large, wrap half way about an object, such as a chair and drag it closer to the Drak Sen, or about the hips of a favored slave girl. Because of the scales the tail is quite durable and it takes a rather sharp and strong weapon to truly cause major harm to the tail such as bladed and piercing damage.

Character Creation

Starter Classes:
Metallic Scales: Warrior, Thief, Bard, Healer, Shaman, Mage, Artisan, Entertainer, Laymen
Earthly Scales: Druid, Ranger, Warrior, Shaman, Mage, Artisan, Entertainer, Laymen
Bejeweled Scales: Knight, Bard, Mage, Healer, Shaman, Artisan, Entertainer, Laymen
Mineral Scales: Thief, Shaman, Mage, Knight, Artisan, Entertainer, Laymen

Advanced Classes:
Metallic Scales: Air Mage, Warrior Mage, Warlord
Earthly Scales: Earth Mage, Mist Raider, Warrior Mage, Hierophant
Bejeweled Scales: Paladin, Water Mage, Air Mage, Seductress
Mineral Scales: Necromancer, Seductress, Fire Mage, Warlord

Starting Stats:

Basic Stats 4 4 4 3 3 5 4


Since the tail itself has no physical attack modifiers, and yet is thickly muscled and covered with a fine scaling it can attack with a normal Close Physical attack as per the rules.

They are the Dream. The shadow world of a minds eye perspective of the Dragons whose powers even the Elves have fully to discover. Dreamed into being, these Drak Sen are give an advantage at their first awakened thought, step, breath. For while they are now 'real' walking among us, they do not sleep and are not susceptible to any magics that try to cause said sleep. If a Drak Sen wishes to rest, he will remove himself from the hub of society, his home may very well have a hidden room where he may sit, and simply let thoughts flow in slow silence. Replenishing the need for solitude and a different rest then mere mortals would understand.


The Drak Sen can be created with up to four wings, however, they are useless for flight, more prone to being cosmetic than anything else. They all have a pair of short horns that jut backwards from the brow, they too worthless. Drak Sen's serve their progenitors with an intensity only matched by the Magi's servitude to their Goddess. If one of the Dragons call, they will answer. Drak Sen's are very attuned to the element they represent as well, and cannot use spells of the opposite elemental type, as well as being affected harshly by that opposing element ( Normal damage plus 5 ). Drak Sen cannot wear plate armor or helmets due to the horns, tail and scales as Plate on scales would chafe severely.

Elemental Ties:

The Drak Sen are physical manifestations of the dreams and nightmares of the Elder Dragons. Each of the oldest Elder Dragons has an affinity to a particular time of the year, and hence, the associated element that dominates those moments. Much like the summer embraces the dominating heat and fire that comes to the most sweltering hot of days, the chilling days of Winter welcome water and ice. The growing time of Spring welcomes the powerful growth of the Earth, and the Autumn time is graceful as the Wind.


Each Drak Sen is associated with a particular type of element, depending on the color of their scales. As they are attuned to their specific element, they also share the inherant weakness of that element. Below is the affiliated elements to the type of Drak Sen.

  • Metallics - Air
  • Mineral - Fire
  • Bejeweled - Water
  • Earthen - Earth

Just as the Elemental Mages share common weaknesses to their opposite, so too do the Drak Sen suffer the weaknesses to their opposite element. They will do whatever is necessary to avoid that element be it hiding in an overabundance of furs to stay warm, or running around nude in the snow. If they are faced with their opposite element in a combat situation meaning spells of their opposite element, they will suffer the damage equivalent much like the Elemental Mages, but only 10% extra. If they are outside of their element in a non-combat situation, they will do whatever is necessary, above all else, to return to their comfort zone. If they cannot do so, they may start feeling ill and weakened, mentally drained and unable to do much of anything until they can return to their comfortable element. Minerals may hide beneath several layers of furs and clothing to stay warm during the winter, while Bejeweled may wish to swim very often in a lake or river. Metallics may wish to run and feel the wind in their face, or the Earthen may just enjoy the comfort of resting against a stone, or lying on the dirt. As long as they can come in contact with their element in any way, shape, or form, then they are safe from the weaknesses of being separated from it. If a Drak Sen player takes an Elemental Mage advanced class, the inherent 25% extra damage weakness overrides the racial weakness as it is much stronger.


Drak Sen will never attack one another for just any reason. Their slaves being severely injured to perhaps a differing of opinion and maybe even territory could offset this. Normally this goes against the Elder Dragons first command to protect the lands. Also, a Drak Sen will never maliciously harm one of the Sithian race, those whom they view as lesser, or stunted children. A Drak Sen will actively seek to 'help' a Sithian to enlightenment, usually by Enslavement.


Death is never Final for the Drak Sen's. Upon leaving this mortal coil they of course have the right such as any other race to be resurrected. If the person so chooses to not take this path they will return to the Dragon realm where they will sit in front of a congregation of Elder Dragons, one from each sphere, two from their own and will be judged on how they lived their mortal life. Upon judgment if the high council approves of their past actions the soul will transform into a full dragon and will join the ranks of the elders. If approval is not achieved then the soul will remain in the dragon realm as is to continue to serve in anyway they are needed.


  • Drak Sen's can not naturally Fly, even though some are born with wings.
  • They can not breathe any kind of fire or liquid unless it is a spell for their particular field of expertise.
  • Do not slither as they have legs like any other humanoid race.
  • Drak Sen's are conjured from the dreams of The elder Dragons therefore can not have children. If by chance a Drak Sen's was careless enough to impregnate a female of another race the half breed would come out still born as no other race as the physical capabilities to allow a Drak Sen's to thrive within their wombs.
  • They can not change form to look more like dragons!
  • Drak Sen's do have the capabilities of following a god or goddess but they ALWAYS hold true to the Elders.
  • All Drak Sen have tails. This is the one thing that will remain the same about every single Drak Sen. Tail Length: This should never be any LONGER than the height of the Drak Sen in any case. Balance would be an issue, regardless of muscle capacity. So if Drak Sen is 5'10", the tail cannot be any longer than 5'10"
  • Drak Sen's tails and Wings are always covered in scales. There is no exception to this rule.
  • Drak Sen can have small horns, no larger than an inch long and jutting backwards. These are worthless in a fight and inflict no damage.
  • Drak Sen can have a -small- amount of scales on their bodies. No more than three very fine scales in a patch, and these are sparse. These scales are worthless as armor, and are more a cosmetic thing. There is more flesh at any given time compared to scale (90% Flesh/10% Scales Ratio)
  • Drak Sen can NOT Have muzzles, talons or fangs.
  • Drak Sen do not have to have wings, they have three choices, no wings, one set of wings, or two sets of wings. The wingspan cannot be any more than the length of the body, rounded up. As above, the 5'10" Drak Sen would have a 12 foot wingspan (5'10" rounded up to 6') Any larger would overweight the Drak Sen and make them unable to walk, run, or any normal function.
  • A scale -must- be chosen after selecting which type of Drak Sen you wish to be. In other words, a bejeweled Drak Sen can not have an assortment of colored scales. Only one scale color, period and no exceptions


The scales on the body do nothing for armoring them as they are quite fine and are sparse, only ranging from one or two scales in one place before there is a large expanse of smooth soft flesh before the next patch can be seen. Although they prove to be useless for defense they are rather exotic looking and almost shine metallic giving them a surreal quality. The scales on their flesh always match the scales on their tail and can range in several different colors. Each color signifies the sphere they possess their knowledge in as they are born with the insight of where their paths will eventually lead to.

Metallic Scales:

Silver, Gold, Copper

Season they thrive in: Autumn

Notable traits: They have an affinity for things that shine as their scales do. Often times seen adorning themselves with the finest rings and body jewelry. Easily the most arrogant of this race they look at themselves as above average as their scales resemble the most sought after of the metals. Being the ruling class among the Drak Sen, these beings have taken arrogance to a new height. Vain in themselves, despite the fact they still hold their laws above all else, these tend to look at those without the same 'flawless' beauty as lesser, and treating them as such, often taking slaves for the simple fact that they can.

Earthly Scales

  • Deep Green

  • Dark Brown

  • Pearl

Season they thrive in: Spring

Notable traits: Mostly consisting of males although there have been said to be the occasional female pop up here and there with these scales, they are usually strong and robust, almost taking on a dryad appearance. Their scales still shine but with almost earthly dull aura. They view themselves as the protectors of Nature and will not cause harm to it because of an inborn fear they will be struck down by an Elder upon completion of the horrific deed. They have the most variety of all the Drak Sen as other than their devotion to the earth, they are the most diverse in every other way. Those that protect the Nature, the Forests, the Seas, the Skies, spend a lot of time with The Tathren and often take on similar traits, such as flighty natures, the inability to harm living beings, the utter lack of material things. Fun loving at best, mischievous at worst, these still hold true to the command that was given to them by the Elder Dragons.

Bejeweled scales

  • Emerald

  • Blue Sapphire

  • Ruby

Season they thrive in: Winter

Notable Traits:

~Ruby~ The most important factor of a ruby is color. The top qualities are as red as you can imagine: a saturated pure spectral hue without any overtones of brown or blue. The intensity of color of a fine ruby is like a glowing coal, probably the most intensely colored substance our ancestors ever saw. It is no wonder they ascribed magical powers to these fires that burned perpetually and never extinguished themselves.

~Emerald~ Because the rich green color of emerald is the color of evergreen, the ancients prized it as the gemstone symbolizing love and rebirth. The more vivid the green, the more valuable, stable and strong willed the individual.

~Blue Sapphire~ the celestial gemstone, has been treasured for thousands of years. Sapphire is found in all the colors of the heavens: from midnight blue to the bright blue of noon sky, golden sunrise to fiery reddish-orange sunsets, and the delicate violet of twilight. The most famous and valuable sapphires are a rich intense blue, a truly royal hue. Sapphire has long symbolized truth, sincerity, and faithfulness.

The bejeweled scaled ones walk with an air of grace and speak with liquid smoothness. Very much like their Metallic cousins save for the arrogance, although there are some that have a bit of it. They strive for balance in all they do. The Jeweled ones travel, and travel a lot. These are the wanderers, unable to call any single place home, but can call the entirety of Belariath their own. For a Bejeweled to be stuck in any single place means physical illness, which only travel and the great expanse can cure.

Mineral Scales

  • Onyx

  • Lava

  • Mercury

Strongest Season: Summer

Notable Traits: These scales have a rather moody temperament. Very much like the Dark Elves, they have lived most of their lives in seclusion, only coming out to serve or protect the elders. Although very much loyal to the elders these tend to stray a lot more than any of the other scales and almost seem to fight at times the commands they are given. Definitely the darkest of all the scales, the Underearthed ones hold to themselves, protecting the lands of Belariath with a more extreme effort. Having been warped by the nightmares of those above and below, these tend towards the darker forms of existence, and are often the cohorts and lovers of Dark Elves. They don't despise the surface dwellers, because they were given this place as their home by the Elder Dragons and except that with graciousness.

Combat Modifiers

Disabilities and Their Mechanics
Type: Attack Defense Init
CloPhy RanPhy CloMag RanMag CloPhy RanPhy CloMag RanMag
Sight -30% -100% -30% -100% -30% -30% -30% -30% -50%
Hearing N/A N/A N/A N/A -25% -25% -25% -25% -25%
Speech N/A N/A -100% -100% N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A
Hands/Arms*** -25% -25% -50% -50% -25% -25% -25% -25% -20%
Legs/Feet*** -25% -10% -25% -N/A -25% -20% -25% -25% -25%
* Attack/Defense Enchantments are not effected, penalties apply to base stats.
* Those temporarily blinded in one eye will receive half penalties for blindness to all attacks.
** All penalties are cumulative.
*** Penalties are cumulative per limb.
* Those temporarily blinded in one eye will receive half penalties for blindness to all attacks.