Legends of Belariath


Since they first appeared in the land of Belariath the Goblins, also known as Orcs, have been a deep thorn in the side of ‘civilized’ society almost the world over. Finding little lasting welcome in any one place, they spread rapidly, mostly living in migratory packs, settling only in the fringes; the kinds of places where no one wants the land enough to bother to run them off.

They’ve gotten a bad rap over the centuries and perhaps rightfully so, for whenever a rogue warlord or ambitious Necromancer with a mind for some carnage needed an army, Goblins were almost always there. Rumor has it they were created by an evil Moriel with Necromantic powers in a bid to destroy the race of elves, a Necromancer who found his creation too inept and unwieldy to see his goals done. When asked if this is true, the average Goblin will only grin toothily and shrug.

Efforts have been made in the past to exterminate their kind outright, but no civilization that made the attempt still stands to tell of its failure. Thus, though hardly viewed as equals by modern society, the current Empire and those communities surrounding it accept Goblins as citizens, even if of a lower caste. Generally regarded as a race of dim-witted misbegots with no culture or society to speak of, few take Goblin kind or the threat they pose to authority seriously. This is a grave error.

Character Creation

Starter Classes:Bard, Warrior, Ranger, Thief, Shaman, Artisan, Entertainer, Laymen

Advanced Classes: Monk, Warlord, Mist Raider, Necromancer

Starting Stats:

Basic Stats 4 3 2 1 7 7 2


In having been created and not a natural race in their own respects, the Goblins share some attributes from the race they were taken from, the High elves. When standing straight, a Goblin can stand anywhere from 5’2" to 6’3", but more often than not a Goblin will be hunched over, appearing shorter than they really are. Hair stringy and eyes almost always a beady black, Goblin beauties are a rarity, to be sure, but there’s enough drinking songs about them to suggest a few may exist.

After time, their slouching habits caused them to ‘evolve’ past their original looks, taking them further away from the Elven base that they were created from. Their arms elongated a bit, often showing them as knuckle draggers, and their ears started to droop, no longer holding the erect points that the elves have. While they did keep the sharp, angular features, they’ve taken on a more feral appearance, teeth often sharp and pointed.


Survival Instincts:
Due to their upbringing and culture the vast majority of goblins develop a sort of 6th sense, an almost uncanny ability to sense impending danger. Whether that be a large wolf hiding in the shadows awaiting them, or an angry fire Mage fixing her eyes on an easy and uncared for target; they are predisposed to notice for self-preservation. This ability has made the Goblin particularly crafty when it comes to applying survival techniques to other avenues, such as the capacity to steal and steal guiltlessly, giving them knack for dipping their fingers into purses or places that they don't belong. The Goblin receives a +2 mod to thieving/pick-pocketing/lock-picking attempts.

Surprisingly Crafty:
Though by no means renowned for their industry or workmanship, Goblins have a surprising affinity for metalwork, many able to build a functional oven for forging iron out of wet grass, mud and eight stones. There are even rumors that some of the most legendary and masterful smiths on Belariath, known typically only by their work, are in fact Goblins, though no one has confirmed it.


Suspicious Characters:
Goblins are largely looked down upon in society, earning the ire of many simply for existing, especially that of The Law. If caught committing a crime, their sentences tend to be fair deal harsher than those of your average citizen, perhaps for good reason. Its also not uncommon for those in public places to keep a closer eye on a Goblin. When a Goblin commits a pick-pocket, casual observers have a 5% chance of observing the theft, as opposed to the usual 1%. The victim of pickpocket receives no bonus.

A Goblin raised in a Goblin camp will never truly be able to wholly adapt to life in civilized society. What most call social niceties your average Goblin can't help but regard as downright clownish behavior, a nonsensical facade thrown up over the simple facts of life. Thus, whether amused or choicely irritated by the behavior around them, many Goblins’ can’t restrain the urge to make things difficult for those trying to live politely. This will often get them into a great deal of trouble.


Goblin Tribes vary vastly in behavior and tradition throughout the world of Belariath, some roaming as war parties where as others lead a gypsy lifestyle... others still choosing to spend their time rolling in the muck. Still, certain traits are common amongst almost all the different branches of Goblin kind.

Individually almost every Goblin is a survivalist. Quick to wean and find their feet, life is harsh for Goblin children everywhere, and they learn early on that they are responsible for their own continued existence. Though Goblins do not seem to possess the same fear of death that is common amongst mortal races, a single Goblin would chew his ankle off if it meant surviving the trap that would kill him.

Shamelessness is another common trait amongst Goblins, even the scant few social graces expected of those who dwell in Nanthalion often proving wholly beyond them.

Society and Taboos

Though it’s widely believed Goblins wholly lack a social structure, this is not the case. Their culture is a very practical one however, the intricacies of its religious aspects reserved for only the highest castes. A tribal society, Warlords act as the front men for each community, the authoritarian figure who physically keeps order amongst their people. Every Warlord, however, acts on the advice, and more or less in the service of a council of Shaman.

Shamans are greatly respected in Goblin society, as Goblin kind has a great reverence for affairs of the spirit. Though there is no system of honor amongst Goblins, and theft, rape and murder within their own communities is considered quite acceptable, harming a Shaman is considered a despicable act unless there is proper cause.

It is believed that each council of Shaman answers to what is referred to in their society as a 'High Speaker', more commonly known as a Necromancer. Goblin Necromancers are incredibly rare, and are viewed by their own kind with almost God-like reverence. This is understandable, considering Goblins were in fact created by the power of Kkla Sin, a Necromancer who is worshiped by the highest castes of Goblin kind to this day. There is no act more sacrilegious than the murder of a Goblin Necromancer, and Goblins of even the lowest caste will often die to defend one.

Sex, Children, and Death

Goblins, forged of High Elves as they were, possessed their immortality for some millennia, but that aspect of them has long since been bred out, leaving Goblins with a life-span that just surpasses humans.

Great proponents of sexual indulgence, rape is a common, accepted, and encouraged occurrence in their culture, more often than not of other races captured in raids, who are then typically used for breeding purposes. Oddly enough, hunching and other deformities seem to occur predominantly amongst ‘pure-bred' Goblins, as in a Goblin born of two Goblin parents, their gene-pool seeming to weaken the more they breed amongst themselves. ‘Half-breeds' are very common and almost always bear predominantly Goblin-like features, those of half-elven parentage typically born with the least chance of any defect.

As their infatuation with Necromancy and Shamanism would suggest, death is not a subject Goblin kind fears. Many Goblins are led to believe that their deaths are the very purposes of their lives... that life's only goal is to grab what pleasure they can before offering up their souls to the End Mother's embrace. Those who believe it aren't wrong.

Political Structure

A diverse and widespread race, Goblins possess no centralized government, there is no place they do not consider their capitol, or man do they consider their king. It's not at all infrequent for Goblin tribes to war with one another, often wiping entire communities of their own kind off the map, assimilating the Shaman of the defeated tribe into the victorious in order to strengthen it. There is however a leadership behind the scenes, deeply immersed in the Goblin's dark religion.

The Shaman of many of the most prominent tribes answer to the Necromancers, the elite class of Goblin kind who more often than not rise above tribal life to take on more economically inclined rolls... amassing wealth through the aid of their brethren and using it to subtly influence the policies and practices of the current ruling cultures. There is also talk of ‘The Three’, also often referred to as ‘Ambassadors’, powerful entities who roam the waking world in the bodies of Goblin hosts in the direct service of Kkla Sin herself.

Disabilities and Their Mechanics
Type: Attack Defense Init
CloPhy RanPhy CloMag RanMag CloPhy RanPhy CloMag RanMag
Sight -30% -100% -30% -100% -30% -30% -30% -30% -50%
Hearing N/A N/A N/A N/A -25% -25% -25% -25% -25%
Speech N/A N/A -100% -100% N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A
Hands/Arms*** -25% -25% -50% -50% -25% -25% -25% -25% -20%
Legs/Feet*** -25% -10% -25% -N/A -25% -20% -25% -25% -25%
* Attack/Defense Enchantments are not effected, penalties apply to base stats.
* Those temporarily blinded in one eye will receive half penalties for blindness to all attacks.
** All penalties are cumulative.
*** Penalties are cumulative per limb.
* Those temporarily blinded in one eye will receive half penalties for blindness to all attacks.