Legends of Belariath

Pixies & Nixies

The male Nixies and their female counterparts, the Pixies, seem to be one of the few nature races who manifest themselves as both male and female, unlike the Satyrs, for example, who are all male, or the Nymphs who are exclusively female. Nixies and Pixies are smallish beings, able to change their form to a limited degree depending on their surroundings. In their homes, located in the remote and largely unexplored areas of the forests, they typically stand between 2 and 18 inches in height. When they leave their homes, especially on those rare occasions when the Nixie or Pixie will venture into the company of humans or elves, they are able to increase their size to about 4.5 feet or so. In the wilds, Nixies and Pixies dress in light loose clothing fashioned from leafy plants and flowers. In the company of other races, they tend to dress in bright colorful silks, or similar fine fabrics. They are naturally comfortable within any extremes of heat or cold typical of their home environment and do not actually require clothing of any kind for protection from the elements.

Character Creation

Starter Classes: Ranger, Thief, Bard, Druid, Healer, Artisan, Entertainer, Laymen

Advanced Classes: Hierophant, Mist Raider, Air Mage

Starting Stats:

Basic Stats 1 6 7 2 2 4 5


ixies and Pixies, when in their natural small form, possess 2 pairs of wings, similar in appearance to a dragonfly's. These wings are long and narrow, extending stiffly as much as 12 inches on either side of their bodies. When not in use, the wings fold upward along their backs and above the shoulders at slight angles. They appear thin and frail, often reflecting the light with a shimmering sheen of color. When flying, these magical wings give the Nixies and Pixies great maneuverability, able to dart quickly about and even hover for brief periods. Flying itself seems to require no effort on the part of these small creatures. Indeed, it seems the Nixies and Pixies are barely aware that they're even doing it. While flying, the Nixies and Pixies are unable to carry any objects other than those normally carried on their persons. When enlarging, the wings disappear in a soft shower of sparkling dust; the so-called "Pixie-Dust" magical and rumored to give any person the power of flight if sprinkled over their head. This substance lingers but for a few minutes in the air, but small quantities stoppered in carefully crafted flasks are much prized by mages and alchemists.

Generally speaking, Nixies and Pixies are similar in appearance, being slight of build with hair of varying colors that usually flows around their small pointed ears. Their eyes are bright and almond shaped, often without any white showing at all, a disconcerting emerald green for example, with no pupil in evidence. Their skin is smooth and soft, without blemish or mark, most often a shade of gold or silver. Small sensual mouths, high cheekbones, and narrow, pointed noses characterize the facial features of both. They are very attractive beings, though not beautiful in the classic sense.

Nixies and Pixies are also among the least shy of the nature spirits; outgoing and friendly, they are especially noted for possessing a singular wit and mischievous sense of humor. They delight in small jokes and harmless pranks, finding Satyrs to be their favorite victims in the wilds of Belariath, although the unwary mortal traveler has fallen prey on many occasions as well. They are spontaneous and almost exuberant in their curiosity, although rarely seen in their smaller forms. It is said that seeing a Nixie or Pixie in their true shape is very unlucky. They themselves seem to regard it as something akin to rudeness and will often exact a harmless toll on such a person, such as stealing one boot while the voyeur sleeps and leaving the other.

Nixies and Pixies also seem to have a fondness for small shiny objects, such as coins and jewelry, although they have no real use for either. Stories abound of travelers who have woken up to find their belongings scattered and their money missing. Rumors also exist of small beings that have large treasures, pots of gold and chests of jewels, hidden away in tiny houses carved from toadstools. For their part, the Nixies and Pixies seem to regard those stories as hugely entertaining and love to listen to Bards sing of such things.

The exact origin of these beings is unknown. While the Nymphs serve nature and the Satyrs serve the Nymphs (in a manner of speaking), and the Fae and all the others tend toward helping nature in one way or another, the Nixies and Pixies serve only their own existence. They are truly carefree and irrepressible in their happy-go-lucky attitude. They find a bright side to every difficulty and cannot be distracted from their optimism for much more than a few minutes at a time. They love to be the center of attention and if feeling ignored will go to great lengths to obtain it.

These beings enjoy sex as much or more than the next race, usually with each other, but often with the other types of nature spirits as well. Pixies seem to have a fondness for Satyrs and enjoy turning their pursuits away from the nymphs, whom Pixies seem to resent slightly for the amount of attention they receive. The Nixies, on the other hand, have no preference at all, enjoying Pixies, Nymphs, Fae and any other being they can trick out of their clothing.

Nixies and Pixies are not warriors by any stretch of the imagination, though Nixie bravado is not unknown, usually played as a mockery of his opponent. When threatened, these beings will attempt to use charm and wit to either talk their way out of the situation, or attempt to talk someone else into intervening on their behalf... knowingly or unknowingly. They have no reservation about protesting their own innocence and blaming someone else. If all else fails, the Nixie or Pixie will try to escape, using defensive spells and running away. They do hold a grudge, unlike some other nature races, and will seek to avenge themselves through thievery, trickery, or a particularly witty and slanderous rumor.

Skills and Abilities

Nixies and Pixies are physically unimposing, possessing very little in the way of strength or stamina. They rely on their sharp minds and quick reflexes to escape from the often-sticky situations they bring upon themselves.

They make excellent thieves, although at times their need for attention can work against them. They are also competent Bards, especially in the company of other nature spirits. Many races, however, grow weary of hearing stories and songs about foolish mortals being waylaid by clever Nixies.

Nixies and Pixies have magical skills and can become Mages, but may only specialize in the Illusion Sphere. They are skilled in deception and find illusionary magic a great joy to play with. They cannot learn offensive spells, but may use any defensive spell in addition to out-of-battle spells. Nixies and Pixies may take any of the non-combat classes.


Eye for Mischief:

Nixies and Pixies are rarely fooled by any illusion. They gain an intelligence bonus against illusionary magic of +10 when witnessing any magical disguise, including enchantments such as Change-Self or Gender Swap. Whenever the pixie/nixie wishes to use this ability an int + int roll is used with the pixie gaining a bonus of + 10 unless otherwise stated by the spell. Should the spell have it's own mechanics then the pixie still receives a +10 on the defense roll They also receive this modifier when overhearing someone using an illusion spell, such as Truth Speak. The spell itself need not be directed at the Nixie or Pixie; simply being in its presence grants an intelligence check to determine if the Nixie or Pixie recognizes the true nature of the spell caster. This ability only applies to magical disguise; it confers no bonus or penalty to physical disguise. What they do with the information is up to the Nixie or Pixie. Most often they thoroughly enjoy watching anyone being fooled by someone else, so they generally regard it as a funny prank and little more. Of course, they also relish delivering the punch line, informing the victim (if there is one) that he or she has just been had, usually just as the culprit is about to make his escape. The Nixie or Pixie must have direct line of sight in order for this ability to work.

Flight of Fancy:

Pixies and Nixies are some of the fastest fliers in the land. When in their small forms they can zip about in such dizzying patterns that it can sometimes be frustrating. Their pixie dust, which is a magical and highly coveted substance is what allows them to fly and is generated from their wings wherever they go. This is also what gives them a strange aura-like glow whenever they are zipping about. This also allows them to fly around regardless of the weather save for incredibly heavy wind conditions which can blow the little trouble makers out of the air if they are not careful.



Nixies and Pixies are unable to kill any person. Whether human, or just human-like, they are imbued with an instinct by nature to avoid taking another life. Nixies and Pixies will go to great lengths to avoid combat and, if confronted with no other option, will use every means at their disposal to stun or distract their enemy long enough for them to escape. Nixies and Pixies may not take a Warrior class, nor may they learn offensive spells. They may not wear any physical armor.

Delicate Nature:

Pixies and Nixies are some of, if not the most physically unimpressive of races in Belariath. Even when they take on their larger forms they have a tendency to just not be all that powerful when it comes to raw strength. This is shown in the form of a penalty to any strength based roll of -10% to the strength stat.


These Restrictions apply:

- Nixies and Pixies may change size during role-play. In their natural form they are between about 2 and 18 inches tall. Full sized, they become a similar height to nymphs, averaging about 4'5.

- Nixies and Pixies can only fly when in their smaller form.

- In small form they are not allowed combat, thieving, or any form of sex except with one of their own race or a comparably sized race such as Fae.