Legends of Belariath


The Vulpine race has evolved alongside, though along a different path as their Wolven brothers. In seeming opposition to the Wolven's, they believe their path is magical and not physical, finding themselves to be a merge of the physical and spiritual aspects of life. To this they credit their 'mother', whom the Vulpine believe to be a ten-tailed lady of radiant white. Their values also oppose those of the Wolven, for the Vulpine value wisdom, and knowledge over strength. Less dominant than the Wolven race they are occasionally forced into contest with their 'brothers' though neither side has yet to claim complete superiority yet. The Vulpine view this as one more example of the greater struggle between body and mind. Some similarities remain between the two, much like the Wolven Rangers; Vulpine Rangers are excellent hunters and trackers using a combination of natural and magical gifts in their hunt. Their cunning nature also makes them deadly enemies in large numbers, a group of which can bring a rain of fire down upon an enemy encampment.

Character Creation

Starter Classes: Warrior, Ranger, Mage, Shaman, Artisan, Entertainer, Laymen, Healer

Advanced Classes: Warlord, Warrior Mage, Hierophant, Mist Raider, Any Elemental Mage, Seductress

Starting Stats:

Basic Stats 5 2 1 2 9 2 7

Life of a Vulpine

The conception of a Vulpine child is often planned and not accidental, the mother having received a vision that a spirit or spirits wish to enter the mortal coil is then informed of the best times at which to conceive the physical form(s). Births can be between one and five kits who then raised and cared for by the entire tribe. Upon reaching an age of 20 their physical forms and spiritual ones merge, taking on an unaging quality that grants the Vulpine a life span of up to 900 years after which they are likely to simply to die and leave the mortal realm. Once here Vulpine can become enraptured with the full range of sensations that they experience in their physical form. Tending to turn into hedonists and willing to experience new forms of pleasure and pain.

Physically Vulpine resemble a fox-humanoid figure, though they are naturally shorter then their Wolven 'brothers/sisters'; ranging from 4 to 6 feet; they retain the inherent strength Wolven possess. Their fur comes in more natural shades, the most common being Red/Grey/Brown/Black/White though less common colors are seen. Eye color is most often a pupiless black or grey, but again nature is rarely uniform and neither are any of its creatures. Like the Wolven and Catpeople, Vulpine have hands and feet instead of paws as well as a set of small, rounded claws on their hands and feet.


These much rarer Vulpine are welcomed within any tribe they feel their spirit is connected to and often seek to serve whatever Vulpine has the most tails, be it male or female. This is hardly considered to be slavery but a sign of prestige for both the hybrid and his/her choice. The rarity of crossbreeds is due to the selective nature of Vulpine spirits, finding some beings unsuitable to warrant birth.

Tails of a Vulpine

To the Vulpine, the number of tails they have are a show of prestige, skill, age, and rank. A Vulpine may gain a tail for bringing honor to their family and tribe, or can lose one for breaking Vulpine law. Some Vulpine train under others, hoping to gain wisdom and favor with their teachers or even take quests to gain wisdom, prestige and rank among the other Vulpine. Among Vulpine tribes the Alpha is considered the one with the most tails first, this however is not a race and any Vulpine gaining a equal number of tails as the Alpha is respected deeply, though the Alpha of the tribe remains in charge until dying or stepping down. Below the Alpha, be it male or female, honor and respect is given first to the one with the most tails. This is also true in the world outside a Vulpine tribe.

OOC Note:  Being that most characters would want the most tails possible it seems the best recourse for this is to set a small standard, somewhere between 0 and 2 tails at character creation with the ability to have up to 5. The third growing in at level 10, the fourth at level 25, and the fifth tail at level 40.  No player-character is permitted to have more than five tails; anyone with 6-9 is an NPC and probably a tribal elder.  And only The Lady Herself has ten; no one has more. These tails are not capable of any form of combat, and are actually weaker then a catperson's tail.

Morals and Ethics

Vulpine respond to what they see around them. When a Vulpine sees what they consider an act against their code of ethics, they will aggravate the situation. They will respond favorably to what they consider a 'moral' act. If a Vulpine is treated well, they will respond in kind, and may even go out of their way to aid their friend, while if they are treated poorly, they become extremely spiteful. Vulpine are emotional and very vengeful so they will lose their temper at the slightest provocation. Once someone has earned a Vulpine's enmity, the Vulpine will begin enacting revenge that can become quite extreme. On the other hand, those who have earned a Vulpine's trust and loyalty will see a friendship that can last through many trials.

Vulpine are notorious for seeing a weakness in someone, and aggravating the weakness, until others see it. To those who are 'immoral', they tend to 'help', making the person more immoral, or guiding the person down the path of self-destruction. To the ones they consider 'moral', they become friendly, and helpful, though they may still play a trick, or show a small flaw in the person, to teach them humility.

Vulpine tend to keep their promises, and follow their word of honor. They become self-destructive if they break a promise, and when someone else breaks a promise, they become deadly enemies.

Vulpine do not accept aid from those who are not willing. Those who wish to aid a Vulpine must do so of their own free will. Vulpine are very loath to ask for help, and as such, most aid must come from another's initiative.


Whether chosen or sold into slavery Vulpine take the issue very seriously, seeing it as a chance to further explore the sensations of mortal life and appease their hedonistic nature. This is especially true in Wolven/Vulpine slavery, both sides have been known to take or become slaves to their 'brothers/sisters' and are often prideful of such an honor.