Legends of Belariath

Sex in Belariath

Can you say you've never read a fantasy story, or played a computer game or looked at some artwork, without spending some time imagining what it might be like to frolic with one of those sensual elf-maidens? Never though about getting it on with one of those oh-so-cute fae or pixies? Never wondered what that minotaur might have under his loincloth? Never oh well, you get the picture! If you haven't you're not in the wrong place but you will need to be tolerant of the mental depravity of others. If you have, then you will be pleased to know that Belariath does not preclude the playing out of just those topics.

Important Note:
While the playing out of explicit sexual scenes, forced sex and domination are fairly common, this does NOT mean you have to do such in order to play here. No one can tell you that you don't belong if you prefer to concentrate on other aspects of roleplay. No one can demand you play such scenes when you do not want to.

Sex Play

Well, I would think the name speaks for itself however, within the world of Belariath it's not as simplistic as it sounds. While a common theme is slavery and sexual play along with Might makes Right we try to keep things a bit more under control so that you, our player, is not taken advantage of nor made to feel boxed into a corner as if you have to play this way. You do not. Sex, rape and slavery all come with the OOC consent of you, the one behind the character. No one may tell you that you must have sex with them simply because they say so. You the player must give what we call Out of Character (OOC) consent to this. No consent, no role play of that kind may happen. If someone forces or continues to push this issue, that is why we have Operators or Ops within the channel and your complaint will be taken very seriously indeed. Being uncomfortable does not promote play, so we've taken steps to ensure that you can relax in the play you came here for, safeguarded by that one simple rule.

What's allowed, what's not allowed in sexual play?

Okay, you've given your consent and you're all ready to dive in feet first with that Nymph you've created. Yet above all there is still more you need to know.

No one under the age of 18 is allowed within this channel so therefore, your character must be of that age or higher. Note that certain races are taken to have a minimum adult age higher than 18, so in this we are referring to the equivalent of 18 in human years, depending which race you play.

You cannot play an unspecified 'teenager' or a 'child' of any kind whether in sexual scenes or not. This is a firm rule and we will not ever change this so toss that thought right out the window.

There is no 'scat' or 'water' play allowed. No blood play and no overly cruel torture or suffocation methods will be allowed.

Having a pregnant character is allowed providing your character is not a cross-breed but no side-effects of that pregnancy may be played out. Nor will the birth take place in public and any offspring will NEVER join the channels. Why? I realize this world is rough and tumble but even we have our limits. It gives others a general 'yuck' feeling as we call it and you have to remember that you are not in here playing alone, you are in here playing with many other people and all have their own views that yours won't be shared with. So we've eliminated those particular things from the play within Belariath. If you wish such, take it to a private channel. Quite apart from the fact that we don't allow parent/sibling in character creation, we do not have children in roleplay even as NPC's.

Forced sex is a recurring theme in roleplay. You do not have to take part in the aspect of force and unwillingness any more than you have to take part in sex play at all. But you do have to tolerate it in others.

Sex play is between consenting players and no one may join or attempt to stop such a scene without the OOC consent of all involved.

Now with the rules out of the way and your firm understanding of what we will allow and what is not allowed, your imagination can fill in the rest and we expect great story lines to flow even from such a sexual act. Lovers and second lovers, using your wiles to gain favors, incite jealousy, or for political advantage. Roleplay can be used for more then just a quick sweaty body in a booth so have fun with it.