Legends of Belariath

Shops and Shopping

Shops and shopping within the Belariath world shouldn't be such a big deal to find and yet at times we are never sure what is offered and where it is. Several shops hold some very unique names that make you chuckle just a little. A few offer more of a unique service than one would expect and still others seem to be the backbone. In this brief descriptive write-up we are going to cover all the shops and give you a good overview of what is offered, what it sells and a bit of flavoring. We are all about the unique here in the world of Belariath so that the fantasy can grow, give characters more choices and allow them a chance to become what has been established.

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Shops in Nanthalion

The Body Arts

What first hits you as you walk into the very sparse front room of the well-lit Shop of the Bodily Arts is the pungent smell of unguents and inks. Your nose curls as you look around, your eyes widening as you search for the source. A curtain is pulled to one side, and all is revealed to you. The Body Arts is just as it sounds but a whole different setting then one might expect. Here they sell the fine art of Tattooing. Using a myriad of colored inks from the mundane to the metallic, each artist brings to you not just your interpretation of what you would like splayed upon your flesh but a hint of the unusual for a lower price then might have been imagined for a bit of pain. Maybe they enjoy that bit of pain just a bit too much. But tattooing is just one of their offerings. Whatever you bring to the 'chair' so to speak, this Shop will do.

The Naked Bird

Silhouetted on a blind in an upper window of the shop, a feminine figure draws a corset tightly around her waist and chest. Another shadow moves behind her, lacing the garment firmly. What goes further is clear in your mind, or is it? Welcome to the Naked Bird where clothing abounds. From corsets to skirts to a leather pair of trousers to shoes and stockings and boots for winter. This place has it all and if it doesn't? Don't worry; they'll make it for you. Colors are everywhere, even panties and lace frills and hats are sold. This unique shops name definitely gives us a twist and don't forget to say hello to that pesky elf, Ehlanna. For it's her shop, and she runs it like she runs her cat girls. Wild and free.

The General Store

The covered porch of the General Store shields the front door from the cascading rays of sunshine and the odd rain storms that tend to come suddenly whipping through this unstable land. As you enter, your eyes take in the rows and rows of supplies piled all across the floor. Neat piles that create rows and aisles, but nonetheless, the store is packed floor to ceiling with such an array of items, you can't tell where to begin. The store name speaks for itself. From jewelry to collars to dry food goods to quills and parchment. There's even a few sensual goodies hidden in here you just have to see! Whips, pleasure items such as well, I think its best for you to peek inside...

Might Makes Right

A cat man snarls slightly in your direction and returns to grinding out the nicks in a broken blade. A centaur, tall and well muscled, tests the strength of several lances and staves, bending them with large arms to check their flexibility. A Dark Elf woman keeps her eyes glued to you, grinning constantly as she wipes down a long blade, making it gleam in the light of the several fires in the shop. You've guessed it, its name doesn't give it away but once you've stepped inside and seen the array of arms to armor you get it and even snap your fingers with open pleasure. Swords and daggers, lances, pikes and robes. No not clothing - optional robes! But robes of magical quality for the mages and thieves alike. Greaves and vambraces from steel to mithril and if you've a hankering for something more altruistic ask the clerk, maybe they can help you out.

Real Estate Brokers

Where will you live? Are you going to live forever at the Inn, renting your room and never owning your own abode? You could own a piece of land here, and prove to everyone that you fully intend to stay a citizen of Belariath. That's right, this well named shop doesn't exactly sell frogs and kittens, it sells land and the ability to put a home upon it. From tree houses to log homes to even stone, step inside and talk with the clerks at your leisure, take a look at what plots might be available and perhaps they might have one beside a lovely bubbling brook just waiting for you to dip your toes into.

The Town Bazaar

The bustling, colorful bazaar in the town centre, full of stalls selling anything from a single fish to a multitude of diamonds. To sticky wonderful tasting things to pottery or hey, maybe you need a new door? Did that barbarian huff and puff and kick your door in? This place sells a plethora of goods and hardware and the atmosphere brings a touch of excitement to your senses. Those who sell freelance are also welcome to set up at one of the kiosks or set a blanket down, to sell their hand made items or personal services and skills.

What shops are offered in the Town Bazaar?

  • The Works - Two Shops in one, The Works is where you can get all your furniture and wood working needs, on top of metal crafts and specialty creations made from metal and wood can be made by the shops skilled laborers.
  • The Market - Anything from meat, beer and liquor, to chandeliers and chimnea's to decorate your halls and fill your home's larder. Here you will find an assortment of items, hawked by freelancers from stalls and blankets that line the tent covered market.
  • Chocolates to Cherish - From novelty chocolates made to boxes of white and dark chocolates. Cherry filled or perhaps even a banana to suck upon. This shop offers something to sooth the sweet tooth and is quite charming all on its own.

Shops Out Of Town

The Apothecary

The small size of this shop hardly reflects the powers that are contained within. Here you can purchase herbal brews both benign and deadly, from healing balms, to strong aphrodisiacs guaranteed to arouse the most reluctant desires. The Apothecary is located within the foyer of Unigo, the white tower of magic, but is open to all, not just to mages.

The Silent Embrace

Looking for that little something to slip into the drink of your opponent or to coat the blade of your knife, for some devious purpose? Or maybe you just prefer him dead? Whatever your nefarious purpose, the poison shop, located within the foyer of Umbara, the dark tower, is likely to have something to assist.

The Sorcerous Sanctuary

Situated midway between the two towers of magic, the Sanctuary is well named, being one of the few places where students of the opposing thaumaturgical groups can meet together without violence being likely. After all, this shop sells the spells and enchantments so necessary to survive on belariath, so who would risk being banned from such a useful location?

The Valencian Mall

Rather than having a lot of individually housed shops running along a street, or surrounding a market square, the principal shops in Valencia are all to be found within a large hall. Smaller ones may be a simple booth, while the larger emporiums hold enclosed locations around the walls.

What shops are offered within the Valencian Mall?

  • The Sirens Call - Musical instruments of all varieties are sold within this well rounded shop. Bards come from all over to skim through what they alone can deliver. From lutes to chimes and even violins. The craftsmanship here is of the very finest. Harps can come in all sizes and shapes and the sounds that are produced flow and sooth to ones ear.
  • The Works - Two Shops in one, The Works is where you can get all your furniture and wood working needs, on top of metal crafts and specialty creations made from metal and wood can be made by the shops skilled laborers.
  • Belladonna - Self-contained within the mall stands a building with a large window and wooden door, its walls covered almost entirely with flowery Ivy. One passing by and giving a quick glimpse will see that this is no mere shop. No indeed it seems rather beautiful and intriguing. Upon looking through the window one can see several lamps from where lovely scented candles shine their lights, brightening up the inside of the store and revealing several clothes, for male and female alike. One thing strikes the one watching... not only the lovely beauty of the shopkeepers who seem very polite and sweet, but the clothes... they seem so rich and delicate and how could they have that strange color upon them and those embroideries, so fine and shiny... could those be threads of gold?! Surely even the lowliest of slaves could look like the princess of many of tales told by bards who sometimes play in the store for the amusement of the costumers and shopkeepers alike.
  • The Valencian Real Estate Brokers - The Valencian branch of the REB handles sales of land within this area to locals and to those wishing to increase their existing holdings in and around Nanthalion.
  • Sugar and Spice - It's obvious by the name that this establishment offers sweet treats to those that wish to spare a few copper to a mehrial. From caramel covered apples to more exotic tastes. The store itself is of course situated within the Valencian mall but is so tasty that it deserves a special mention.