The entrance to the store is situated just off the main entrance to the tower of magic. A solid oak door with a small window set in it before you. Your hand lifting to push it open, a bell ringing as the door pushes against it, and there is a movement from within. You step inside, a brief glance around.. a fire burning in the grate at one end of the room, a thick oaken counter before you, with a small secondary wooden desk off to one side laden with paperwork, and behind the counter lining the back wall of the store, shelving from floor to ceiling. Some filled with vials of various coloured liquids, aothers littered with candles of all shapes and descriptions, and even some lengths of incense laying amongst the other items.

A movement from the far corner of the store catches your eye, and you look towards the source, a smiling male feline steps forward, a little bow of head towards you before he speaks.

"Greetings and welcome to the Apothacary, home of the wonderous and often delightful potion makers of Belariath. We can sell you something that will enhance your lovers arousal, make your enemy sleep the deepest of slumber, and something purely to make you smell nice and attractive to those around you"

He offers a little bow to you before continuing to speak..."If you have a preference for something then please let me know.. if not.. please have a look, explore a little and ask me anything if you have questions."

"Of course.. we also do blends of tea if that is simply your wish.. perhaps you'd like to try a sip?".. he holds a cup forward, a glint in his eye as if planning something as he watches you closely.