The sound of the sales workers, calling out and hawking the wares that are offered in the market bazaar. The muffled cries of those being assaulted in a corner. Drowned in the sea of haggling, which prevail in the atmosphere. As the baying of livestock in the pens that are set next to the market bazaar for the herders and ranchers to sell off livestock, add to the sounds. To the aromas of such items such as chocolates, made by the confectioners known as the chocolate to cherish. Along with the fresh baked goods, or fresh produce brought in by the local farmers. Blended with the strong spirit smells of the ale/meads, liquors, wines of the brewers. Or the smells of fresh tanned leather or fresh cut timber that has been worked by the wood workers.. All assailing ones sense of smell, as they enter the market bazaar. The sites of worked art, from the statues, to paintings, to instruments and glass worked. By the various artist from the sculptor to the painter, creating works of beautiful glass. As all the senses are bombarded with the daily goings on of the market.

The market bazaar a collection of tents set out around an ancient building of a time long past. In addition, against the partial stone and rock walls that still stand, as the building or stockade perhaps was in a time of long ago Served as a refuge a place of defense, as the village of a past age would seek refuge when a rival clan or village would come a raiding. Its cold gray stone, a reminder of another peoples that held sway in the land around the town. Like the ancient temples of the past, the building is small single story structure. Yet durable as it survived the rise and fall of various peoples, from its conception. The ancient building sits just past the general store of the town. In winter, workers of the bazaar and slaves tend to large braziers. As the large braziers roar with fires to give warmth to those that work and come to the bazaar.

Within the ancient building, some of the various artisans and craftsmen that created many of the wares that can be found. Can be heard working, the heat of fires, the working of wood. The smell of leather being tanned all can be heard, smelled and seen within the walls of the old structure. Each of the various craftsman and artist claiming a niche within. While others not within worked at their various locations through out the town and area. Bound together not by camaraderie. However, by the market bazaar where the keen sales people hawk their goods. As these sales workers often the artist or craftsman that made the goods, the simple worker hired to hawk the various goods created.

Make no mistake thou for with in this cauldron of goods being sold. Resides a dark side that leeches on those that come to the market bazaar. From the rapist, who stalk the shadows, looking for a victim to drag off to a dark corner and have their way. Or perhaps kidnap for some other dark purpose, or just to enslave. To the thieves that stalk the unwary, and relieve them of there coin. These to can be found in abundance within the market.

In the middle of this hustle and bustle of activity of the market bazaar is the auction block. Where the common daily sale of slaves takes place. The collaring of those individuals to become mere property.

The Market sits on the western edge of town just south of the main road. To the north of the main road that runs east to west are the following shops. The Bank. General Store, Naked Bird and Real Estate office. On the same side of the road south. The Body Arts sits just to the west. While the Might Makes Right sits directly south. What was once the Anvil's Horn, now known as the Works, sits as part of the old structure, a corner of the building. That the artists and craftsman use to work in and store goods.