General Store

The covered porch of the General Store shields the front door from the cascading rays of sunshine and the odd rain storms that tend to come suddenly whipping through this unstable land. On the far Left post of the Porch lays twin circles around them of celctic like knot artwork, carved dip to form two rings around it. On the post next to it, lays a life sized bear on its feet. Claws and paws outward, detail high down to the eyes seeming to follow one, takes up near the entire post. On the next post, lays a lovely detailed carving of a naked nymph. Breasts thrusting proudly. And on the forth, another two rings surrounding the posts of Celtic knot work. (Post created by Zeph of the Pack Den)

As you enter, your eyes take in the rows and rows of supplies piled all across the floor. Neat piles that create rows and aisles, but nonetheless, the store is packed floor to ceiling with such an array of items, you can’t tell where to begin.

Bags of oats get in your way and you almost trip, throwing your hand out to catch a shelf at the last minute. As you pull yourself up, you come face to face with a row of dildos.


Some are of wood, some are of stone, others seem to be carved from cool, cold marble. You pick one up, fascinated, studying it, but a giggle behind you makes you quickly put it back. You smile as a pair of enslaved nymphs, collars obvious around their throats, giggle behind their hands and leave the store.

What else can be bought here? What else do they sell?

Off to one side, a cat creeps around beneath a table, her intelligent eyes glaring at you as she curls up around her litter of kittens, all snuggled warmly into a basket. Nearby is a sign saying you could purchase one of them, to fend off mice in house and barn alike, if you wished.

But that isn’t why you came here.

You make your way to the counter off to one side of the store. A most lovely woman sits nearby, elegant feather quill in hand, head tilted to one side causing her hair to cascade over her slender shoulders.

She looks up at you, smiling.

“Can I help you with something?”

You lean over to her desk and hand her your documents.

And you show her your father’s best mail, laid out on the counter for her inspection. She rises, a picture of grace, and puts her fingers gently on the armor.

Oh, you had so many plans for this armor, so many dreams. But now your urges for drinking, dueling and debauchery have gotten the better of you. And if you don’t pay off those debts, a very large Sheykan is going to send you back to your home village in a pine box!

“Oh, well…that’s not in the best condition, now is it?” she says softly.

“You said your father used it in how many battles? No, this won’t be enough to cover your already overflowing debts. What else do you have?” You show her your empty hands and empty pockets, but still she blinks at you, her gaze direct and to the point.

“I’m sure you have something else…” she says confidently.

And she eyes you up and down, as if weighing your flesh pound for pound.