The Naked Bird

Silhouetted on a blind in an upper window of the shop, a feminine figure draws a corset tightly around her waist and chest. Another shadow moves behind her, lacing the garment firmly. Then both work at puffing up the round breasts, and you can imagine they are making a pair of beautiful nipples peek over the hard edge of the corset itself.

You walk into the front viewing room of the Naked Bird, Belariath’s premier clothing shop, and are assaulted with the sweet scents of femininity mixed with the musk of men and the aroma of fresh leather. All the walls are lined with racks and shelves. And all about you are the raiment of the fantastical world you have entered. Here you see a thong of black leather, and holding it and turning it over and over in your hands, you realize it is probably as painful to wear as it is to put on – or keep on.

A basket on the small counter is filled to the brim with nipple coverings, some tasseled, some bejeweled, some covered with studs.

A display in the window shows off the finest in silk and satin evening wear and lingerie, yet behind it one can easily find the most durable selection of jerkins and tunics, skirts and dresses, leotards and stockings.

Following your eyes, a quiet nymph-like girl moves to serve you.

“Here at the Naked Bird, we are prepared to offer our customers everything they require to fulfill their fantastical whimsy. We can dress the master, and we can dress the slave. We can dress a lady in waiting, and we can dress the poorest stable boy or bartender.”

She leads you to the counter, smiling at you.

“Tell us what you need, what you want, and we will find it for you, sew it for you, embroider it for you and make it all your own. Did I mention we also have models, prepared to show off your chosen pieces before you ever take them out of the store? And of course, everything is very carefully fitted.... ” here her eyes drift lower, "... by hand.... "