Real Estate Brokers

You enter the Office, surprised to see a harem-girl sitting behind the desk. Even more surprised to discover she's the manager, obviously modesty was not a requirement. She smiles and redirects your attention to the large map on one wall. It shows the area around Nanthalion, the river, streams, ponds, bridges, and forests. You study it, biting your bottom lip and thinking hard.

"See here?" says the real estate agent, pointing with a slender finger at various squares and plots of land.

"This is the Lonely Inn, here. And this is the Arena. These are the Baths, everyone loves those."

Where will you live? Are you going to live forever at the Inn, renting your room and never owning your own abode? You could own a piece of land here, and prove to everyone that you fully intend to stay a citizen of the empire.

"Maybe you want to live in the town. We have these houses near the Weapons and Armor Shop and the Naked Bird Clothiers. If you like bustle, the Bazaar is situated in the Market Square."

"You say you were raised on a farm? Then you'd probably feel right at home on one of these cultivated areas. I can even sell you some swamp land south of town if that's what you desire."

She looks at you, with an enigmatic smile, judging your reactions.

"Or perhaps you are seeking seclusion? Sometimes people want the privacy of these woods here, and here," she continues, pointing with her fingertip.

"But how much will all of this cost?" you asked, rubbing a temple.

At this, her smile spreads across her face. She takes up her seat behind the desk, rifling through papers and sheaves of parchment, but she does not answer.

"I don't have much money," you tell her, walking over to stand in front of her desk.

Her eyes begin to travel up your body, taking in every detail of your armor, your weaponry, and your race. And she smiles a smile that is more dangerous than that of any goblin or kobold you ever fought before. "Oh, I'm sure we can work something out," she says quietly. And she stands and walks to the door to the outside, closing it carefully. Her movements draw your attention back to her costume that reveals much and conceals little. The aroma of her perfume, as she brushes past, makes you feel light-headed.

Is it getting warmer in here?

"What is the dream of ownership worth to you?" she asks innocently.