Sorcerous Sanctuary

The building was situated at the end of a short path, set halfway between the twin towers that dominated the sky line. The pivotal place between light and dark that held the towers in balance and provided the services that the towers alone couldn't deal with and handle.

Rebuilt upon the remains of the previous Sanctuary that was destroyed by a magical event several years ago, this building was just starting to settle in and become weather worn. Not from lack of care but from the general weather of the empire. The ground floor shows most of the wear, with paint peeling in spots despite the best attempts of those who work there. In particular around the large door from the steady flow of customers and employees in and out, and around the windows used more for fresh air than sunlight.

Pushing the heavy wooden oak door open would ring the chime above it, drawing the attention of those within the store. The inside of the structure is lit by multiple enchanted crystals, their mystical light reflecting off of the eyes of the dark skinned female torian behind the counter, wings flexing as a friendly smile comes to her lips. Upon the mantle of the fireplace, tucked in a nearby alcove with desks and seats for those who wish to read and study, the vibrant green eyes of a raven watch you with intelligence far beyond any normal animal. Upon the wall lie stacks upon stacks of scrolls, so many one could get lost looking at them all despite them being carefully organized. Finally off to one side of the counter was a small little desk littered with official looking parchments and letters, and just behind it stands a door that was open a crack, letting the smells and sounds of animals filter into the store itself.

The clicking of heels at the counter draw your attention back towards the winged one as steps were taken towards the counter.

"Greetings," she spoke in a friendly voice, "and welcome to the Sorcerous Sanctuary. Home of the enchanters of Nanthalion, spellsellers extraordinaire, the house of familiars and crafters of magical potions. I am Anaya, and how can the Sanctuary be of assistance today?"