Legends of Belariath

Weapons and Armor

The world as we know it within Belariath and the towns of Nanthalion and Valencia might seem picturesque or even rustic and yet you see those of warrior to mage status everyday waltzing about the towns decked out in armor and their swords to axes and even a few staffs adorning them. Why? Belariath is a rough place, Might makes Right they say and of course that saying translates well into action. If you aren't wise enough to secure your body you are going to take a beating. The casual fly of a spell to the swing of someone's crystal blade is no laughing matter. Especially to those that aren't properly outfitted with today's best armor.

Each piece represents a defense against what you will, in Belariath, face down. This includes those Warlords you might accidentally say the wrong thing to, to the mages that are easily provoked and let a spell fly. Not everything will protect you fully but its better to be protected than to waltz about thinking the Gods will always be there for you. The best defense comes in an array of armor from helms to vambraces and onto the more mundane of greaves and leather padded chest protectors. Weapons come in all sizes as well and one would hope you have the knowledge to wield them. Including the bastard swords to the more elegant weapons of rapiers. Even a throwing dagger for that must-get range attack. Shields are available as well as circlets that will improve the capability of your mage. All this and a slave too? Well, maybe if you can hold your own of course.

With each piece of armor and that nifty blade you've just bought comes the defensive points they represent in battle and dice along with free form fighting. Make sure you have the strength to wear everything you wish to adorn yourself with and keep an eye on which class can wear what. Choose your armor and weapons carefully and keep an eye to the character development when you do buy.

Arms and Armor

Buying and using weapons and armor for your character can be a daunting task if you are new. The following brief descriptions of what you'll find in the tutorials should answer most of your questions:

What are Weapons?

A weapon is defined as "an item (as a club, knife, or sword) used to injure, defeat, or destroy" or "a means of contending against an opponent". Weapons in game play on Belariath are legally recognized items that deal damage to the health of another character when used in combat. Weapons are specifically bought from the Weapons and Armor Shop, and only the items listed on the weapons list count for legal offense. In other words, you cannot just pull an imaginary sword out of nowhere and expect it to do any damage.

Category Classification by Types for Weapons: Slice. Pierce. Cleave. Crush. Knock and Jab. Some are more straight forward then others and will be further explained as you go along. Everyone thinks picking up a nifty sword to a sharp serrated dagger is easy and when we do step into a fight we imagine ourselves wielding these weapons as if we've known them all our lives. But these categories will help you decipher what a weapon does and why.

What is Armor?

Of course to us this is an easy enough question but to the newcomers to the world of Belariath, maybe its not all that well defined. Below you'll find a brief description and there is a tutorial that you'll be able to look over and follow the easy steps to not only learning what's available but what it does as well.

Armor is defined as "defensive covering for the body to reduce injuries in combat". Armor is usually pieces of defensive clothing, such as chain mail, mage robe, helmet, gauntlets, and so on. Clothing itself has no defensive value in the game play of Belariath. If you buy a shirt from the Naked Bird Clothing Store, it won't be counted as armor. Armor is specifically bought from the Weapons and Armor Shop, and only the items listed on the armor list count for legal defense.

Category Classification by Type in Armor: Body/Torso. Robes. Hand/Arms. Legs. Head Gear. Shields and a few miscellaneous items such as an Archer's leather bracer, or the oldie but goody, Cod Piece. I hope we haven't lost you yet but fear not, all will be explained and some explains itself just by a simple word. Never forget that you can always ask questions and I promise you will always get an answer.