Legends of Belariath

Finding Work

Finding a job seems simple enough around Nanthalion to Valencia. But how do you go about doing so? Where should you start? What skills could you possibly bring to the table? There's always plenty of questions about the jobs and their systems within the towns and the world of Belariath itself. Let's see if we can help you solve this puzzling mystery.

How do you go about finding a job? First, read the notices that each shop puts up, see if they need someone as a freelancer. Oh my, now we've touched upon something new. Freelance work? What is that? Let's say your character is a Ranger and knows the woods like the back of his or her hand. You might know exactly where the animals of the forest tend to go far faster then a manager of say the General Store might. Put that to your good use and line your inner pockets with the mehrial they'll shell out for animal furs. Or maybe the Inn could use the rabbit to deer meat. Think about your class and put it to good use. Such freelance work is actually the mainstay of supply to most of the shops and they will pay you for results. In the process however you must show us 'how' you came about these furs by role playing out the trapping of the animals, the drying of the hides and then the process of bringing it all in. It's a lot of work but as well it keeps you busy and develops your characters outlook on life and how they make a living.

But what other types of jobs can you get and how? Let's touch upon that. Every shop from the General Store to the Naked Bird is always looking to hire clerks and general shop workers so that the populace can buy their daily toys to gems and collars. Approach the shops at your leisure of course but I wouldn't wait too long. There are two type of hiring, one for part time and one for full time. Part time pays 60 mehrial a month and full time pays a lovely wage of 80 mehrial a month. With skills you can earn even more. They don't require much of your time and usually you could be hired on the spot.

Ever thought of serving as a Bar Wench or Bar Tender? Get in contact with a manager from the Inn. Want to learn the mystery of how metal is shaped and help create those weapons and armor you see people walking about with? Contact the Might Makes Right shop. There is always an opening but it takes your time and your effort to hunt them down and not be afraid of a little hard work. You can even advertise your skills in wood working to pottery making and see what shop may nab you up to do a bit of work for them on the side. The trick is to go out there and look for it, it isn't all work and it helps you get out there and meet new folks as they too are searching for work to wanting to buy something from the shop you just got into. Role playing potential is non-stop for such an environment so jump in, while the mehrial is hot.

Don't forget as well that the Palace and the Nobles are hiring. Why in the world would they hire anyone? Very easy indeed to answer that. First of course the Palace doesn't run itself. It's always looking for maids, cleaners, gardeners and caretakers for its horses to the great wall that's erected around the Palace itself. The grounds are vast around the Palace and the Imperial Guard building. And of course, the Emperor and his consort hardly have time to take care of it all. The Nobles themselves are constantly hiring for men at arms and spell throwers for personal guards that as well would be serving the empire. Approach them if you've the spine for such a dealing to be done. You never know, they may just need someone that can keep their eyes and ears open, as well as their mouths shut.

How many Jobs?

A character (character, not player) can hold up to as many jobs as they can handle. The pay system runs on an hourly basis. From 20 meherial an hour to 30 meherial an hour depending on which store you work for. The SS, ISA, and RB run 30 meherial or MHL for short, an hour. The rest are at an 20 MHL an hour process. Once you have a job, its up to the Manager or the one that hired you, to point out where on the Main Board to post your, Name, Your skills if any that apply to the job at hand, your timestamped logs and at the end of the month, your Total Hours worked. Add how many hours you've worked in that month, say it was 6. Math is 6X20= 120. So you would be paid, 120 MHL for that month of work. But you needn't just work 6 hours, you could work 1 to 20! The total numbers worked is really up to you.

A manager, assistant manager, HP is paid 340 to 240 MHL for 4 hours work and overtime for any further hours they've put in for that month. A manager is expected to put in enough time to do the job effectively. Assistant managers are expected to support their managers and be ready to cover for them when absent. HP's are effectively managers also.

IG's or, the Imperial Guard, tend to be called upon rather often to roleplay but that should be considered a bonus, not a problem, since the roleplay is normally quite interesting.

Job Requirements

Workers should roleplay the job for at least one hour per month. If you like your jobs, you can play them as often as you want. Those times are the minimums. There are no maximums. Managers may give a bonus to those who play more often but this is not guaranteed.

It is a requirement of any paying job, including manager, that you log your hours worked. This does NOT mean keeping full logs of any roleplay. It simply means recording the hours worked in the appropriate forum on the Message Board.

Volunteer jobs do not have fixed time requirements but if you are not seen playing the job for long periods and you don't post work logs to show you are active, then you are likely to be removed from the position to clean up the lists. Volunteers should not be blocking those who don't have work from any available jobs.

Freelance work such as mentoring, healing or supplying to shops. Logs are only posted when the freelance work has been played out and in this case the actual roleplay log is needed.

The main reason to have jobs at all is for the roleplay they generate. So except when there is a good excuse relating to time constraints, both workers and customers are expected to play out more than the minimal necessary to complete a transaction.