Sorcerous Sanctuary

The building was situated at the end of a short path, set halfway between the twin towers that dominated the sky line. The pivotal place between light and dark that held the towers in balance and provided the services that the towers alone couldn't deal with and handle.

Approaching the building, ones eye would be drawn to its weather-beaten exterior, not worn and unkempt, but simply the facade of a well worn building that had survived the elements of the realm. The ground floor was more weather-beaten than the first floor, which was decorated with little spots of worn wood, and patchy paint upon its exterior, around the large windows that would undoubtedly allow lots of light to flood into the rooms above the main store itself.

Pushing the heavy wooden oak door open, would ring the chime above it, drawing the attention f those within the store. The female torian peering quietly at you across the counter, wings flexing as lips curled into a small smile. The male human glancing over his shoulder from a small alcove, books apparent on the desk before him, a glance before he returned back to his studies. A slender looking petite human female, collar around her neck was stacking the shelves, adding scrolls to the already overflowing shelves that lined one wall, but they seemed to disappear within those stacks with simple ease. And off to one side of the counter, was a small little desk, littered with official looking parchments and letters, and just behind it, a door that was open a crack, letting the smells and sounds of animals filter into the store itself.

Those silver wings flexed, drawing your attention back towards the winged one, as steps were taken towards the counter.

"Greetings," she whispered in a soft gentle voice, "and welcome to the Sorcerous Sanctuary. Home of the enchanters of Nanthalion, and spellsellers extraordinaire. I'm Myra, and what can we," hands spread to indicate the other pair within the store, "do for you on this day?" she enquired softly.