This site is dedicated to the players of naiya, Vasava, Marot, and Sorgram. Gone from us but never forgotten.
Also to every player, past and present - each has left a part of themselves in the building of this world.

Legends of Belariath

Welcome to the doorstep of our home, the world of Belariath. This is the entrance to a place where beings of all sorts, from human to elven and beyond come and live together in harmony as well as chaos. This is a land where magic fills our daily lives, yet even simple technology is absent.

But a caution for the weary traveller... this is not a place for the squeamish. Our lands are not cutesy places where pixies dance around the maypole playing flutes. In this world, as in any other, people and creatures are driven by their basic needs and greeds, lusts and desires. Fighting is commonplace and young maidens do not always travel the lonely roads in safety. The strong take what they want and the weak learn to grow stronger or seek protection. Combat and killing, ravaging and slavery; these are a familiar part of life on Belariath.

Visit at your own risk ...

... BUT

... before you go any further, be aware of the obvious. This site is an adult site and it is only permitted to visit if you are a private individual over the age of 18. The site does not contain extensive images of sex or nudity; however, it does contain numerous explicit sexual references in it's topics and in it's body. If the concepts we describe here: forced sex, slavery, ravishment, indeed sex of any sort are too much for you to handle, this is not the place for you. If you cannot tell the difference between fantasy and reality, you should definitely go elsewhere and seek counselling. By entering further into this site, you confirm your qualification and willingness to be subjected to the topics.

Now open the door to a realm where fantasy comes to life and your darkest desires unfold within the realm of ...



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