July Monthly Rewards from Artist Ambit

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July Monthly Rewards from Artist Ambit

Postby Tehya on Mon Jul 05, 2021 2:47 pm

We are fortunate to have a building for all bards and entertainers to practice and gather. There are no guilds but there is this building for bards and entertainers to gather together, thanks to the Emperor and Ehlanna who have provided a building in town to use called the Artist Ambit.

Thanks to Ehlanna we all can use the walls to paint murals except she doesn't like pink. :P Take that up with Ehl.

There is a need to cover existing Art with white paint, so new murals can be done.

There are long tables inside, paper, charcoal, dance exercise bars, chalks and paints available to use provided by Tehya.

Outside the roof extends for sculpting to be done underneath.

In the the building snacks and drinks can be found. To gain mhl send logs to me through the msg board.

https://belariath.com/locations/bards/index.html Please read! Art by SB
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