Legends of Belariath


Chirot, the bat people. An odd race, to say the least, some say primitive, usually stemming from their preferred living environment, however these people are sadly mistaken, the Chirot are as culturally advanced as the high humans. The Chirot live or "nest" as they call it in caves, however not the usual caves. The Chirot inhabit a large mountain range, with entrances high up in the rock, however these entrances lead to their actual "cities", large cavernous spaces cut out within the mountain itself, either by natural forces or the Chirot themselves, these spaces reach 160 feet high in some places. The Chirot actually build homes inside these spaces, from the rock they carve, they in fact do not carve out houses inside the rock, yet use their combined effort to hollow out large spaces and build cities inside them.

Chirot have an intense disdain for those with bird wings, for they are said to be the oppressors of the bat winged ones in the next plane of existence. Their appearance throughout the race is very similar, most Chirot have dark and even black hair, iris and pupils are black as well. They have pale white skin, and pointed shell like bat ears covered in coarse fur, usually brown or grey, then there's of course the leathery wings, ranging from tanned colors to complete black, the rest of their body is surprisingly similar to humans though, save for their teeth, which are sharp for rending flesh.

Character Creation

Starter Classes: Knight, Bard, Mage, Cleric, Healer, Artisan, Entertainer, Laymen

Advanced Classes: Paladin, Air Mage, Necromancer, Seductress, Priest/Priestess, Warrior Mage, Water Mage

Weapons Class A and B weapons, including C class Bows only (no crossbows from Class C)

Armor Class A Armor only

Starting Stats:

Basic Stats 1 3 2 4 8 4 7

Stat logic

The Chirot are a somewhat versatile race, with a hearty Stamina to keep themselves aloft in the air for flight purposes. They are also somewhat intelligent, able to wield the mystic forms of magic. Due to their small frame and their hollow bone structure, their strength is one of their detrimental weaknesses, but that does not stop them from becoming a warrior of any kind.


The Chirot race is relatively young when compared to the others. Even the humans would seem to have a greater traceable lineage than the followers of Sheara. So it is to their credit that the race evolves as quickly as it does, establishing a dignity and refinement perhaps beyond their collective years. The Chirot have a number of cities, principally located within a single mountain range to the northern edge of Belariath. They are remote and not easily accessible, although at one point several hundred years ago a Dwarven survey expedition had the misfortune of stumbling onto a Chirot cavern. The Chirot allowed one member of the Dwarven party to live and return to his clan with a precisely drawn map, engraved on silver pressed so fine that it would float on a cool draft. There was nothing specific on it, no cities or roads, only the prominent geographic features and a single word: "Chirot"

As a race, Chirot are slightly shorter than the average human, standing just a little over 5 feet tall and thin, weighing as little as 75 pounds for females to as much as 130 pounds for males. They have black pupil-less eyes and delicate facial features. Their narrow sensual lips hide numerous small, but very sharp pointed teeth. Their hair is fine and uniformly black, except for their over sized well spaced and large soft pointed ears, usually covered in gray or brown fur. Their most notable features however, are a pair of large, leathery bat-like wings. Normally folded neatly close to their backs, when extended for flight they have a wingspan up to 10 feet across and reach from the knees to 3 feet above the Chirot's head. Chirot have a hollow bone structure and extremely little body fat, attributes giving them great agility both in the air and on the ground.


Chirot are a curious race that seem to be an advanced culture despite popular belief. They are an honorable race, and of course, friendly to one another unless situations state otherwise. They abhor the races of the feathered wings such as the Torian and the Magi, whom they believe are spawned from the exiled god Kiroaja. They do anything and everything possible to eliminate the feather-winged races from their presence, believing them to be a curse to whom they were brought up by their main goddess Sheara. The Chirot are a skilled race as well, able to carve out intricate cities from earth and stone, almost equaling the Dwarves in terms of creativity in that aspect.

The Chirot are also a predatory race, with a rich martial history in terms of military tactics and combat. They have a very deep and personal sense of honor amongst themselves, and strive to no end in serving their true Goddess Sheara so that they can be recognized as chivalrous warriors and combatants whom fought and died for her. They uphold all their beliefs, that the Kirojan (feather-winged races) are their natural enemy, and must do whatever they can to serve Sheara and rid the world of their filthy presence.

On an added OOC Note. Being of a specific race is not automatic grounds for combat without any further provocation. The Chirot might vehemently hate any feathered race they run across, but this does not give you leverage nor a reason or advantage to attack simply because they are, of feather winged decent. Anyone seen doing so is going against the rules of combat and will not be tolerated.

Special Abilities


All Chirot are born capable of flight and are quite comfortable spending as much time flying as a human would walking. Chirot are the most agile of all the flying races, able to change direction and altitude quickly, but suffer from somewhat lower endurance than the other races. They are able to "read" air currents and ride them with little energy expenditure, effectively resting in the air when they need to. Normal non-combat flight does not impose any stamina drain on Chirot, but aerial combat requires the expenditure of 1 additional point per round in addition to standard combat stamina costs.


The Chirot do not sleep, as most people understand it. Instead the Chirot slip into a deep, trance-like state, slowing their heartbeat, breathing, and other functions, while increasing their body's ability to heal itself. A Chirot may enter a trance at any time he feels fatigued and bring himself slowly out of it whenever he desires. In this regard it functions like normal sleep. A Chirot who has suffered injury may enter a trance for the purpose of healing himself. This requires 12 hours of continuous undisturbed trance and no stressful activity for the remainder of the day. During this period the Chirot will regain 20% of his life, double what other races receive from normal rest. If the Chirot does not spend the complete 12 hours in his trance, he will receive no healing benefit for that day. The Chirot may remain in a trance longer than 12 hours, but the 20% life restoration cannot be exceeded. Other forms of healing such as spells and potions will always affect the Chirot normally, and are cumulative with the effects of the Chirot trance.


Chirot Hearing - While the Chirots ears are well spaced and wide, even in a crowded room they can focus in on a conversation, their ears picking up the words with near accuracy despite being across the room and within a crowded atmosphere. However, if those that they are trying to eaves drop on, lower their tones to but a murmur and whisper, it is impossible for the Chirot to make out even one word. Only the nuance of emotions put into the voices would be heard, such as anger, frustration, happiness, sadness.

OOC Note - If those having a conversation without keeping their voices low wish to contest the Chirot heard them, then a straight Int vs Int is rolled, the one with the highest number would win. IE: If the Chirot claims to have heard your conversation and you oppose that it would be impossible given the size of the room to how many are there, you would roll your INT that could be, lets say 40, and the Chirot would roll their INT which would be 38, if you roll a 20 and the Chirot rolls a 32, the Chirot has heard most of the conversation.



Due to their belief that this plane of existence is not their 'home', that the Chirots in fact belong on a neighboring plane, they often times do not welcome resurrections, assuming they are confident that they have honored Sheara with their actions, and have acted in her name. To raise such a Chirot from the dead, even with the best of intentions, will seldom be met with gratitude, more often it will be met with a blade. The Chirot in question will feel insulted and anguished that they were pulled back from their home to this realm, feeling surely that Sheara will be deeply offended. But other times Chirots will see being brought back as a chance to complete what Sheara's goal for them on this realm is. If A Chirot dies too soon, or in a shameful battle, the slight dishonor given for their resurrection, to them, would be nothing compared to the honor they will bring with the deeds they still have to do. All players should be aware of this core belief and accept it before starting a Chirot character.


JJust as the trance gives the Chirot many benefits, in turn it too has a price to pay. Because of the nature of this mental and physical state of being, to be woken up before the Chirot is ready may cause great stress. Waking a Chirot from his trance requires deliberate effort, simple talking to a Chirot, or lightly touching him will not do it. Rough shaking, yelling, water in the face or physical pain will, although they may need to be used in concert. If woken from a trance the Chirot must make a survival check equal to 1dInt + 1dRes vs. Stamina (see example) If the resistance fails the Chirot immediately loses life equal to what he failed by, Stamina is reduced to 1, and no Life can recovered for that day. Needless to say, whether the resistance checks are successful or not, the Chirot will be extremely displeased.

Example: A Chirot character has Sta 10, Int 12, and Res 8; To successfully resist the shock to his system the character must roll higher than 10 using 1d12+1d8


Because of their sensitive hearing, Chirot are more susceptible to the effects of very loud noise. Sounds such as a sharp clap of thunder, loud enough to rattle a house, are certainly capable of stunning an unprotected Chirot unless he makes a successful resistance check. (1dInt+1dRes vs. Sta) Stunned Chirot are unconscious for a number of minutes equal to the amount of their failure. They take no physical damage, but even if their resistance was successful, the Chirot loses the benefits of his superior hearing for one hour while suffering a persistent and annoying "ringing" effect. A cast of 'Cure senses' will remove this effect immediately. Chirot learn at a very young age to take precautions during severe thunderstorms, usually plugging their ears with tallow.


Chirot do not support oppression, subjugation, or enslavement of any race on Belariath, but at the same time, they are decidedly uninterested in actively involving themselves in the affairs of non-Chirot. They do not crusade against slavery in general, but have at times assisted those enslaved against their will. This help usually comes in the form of purchasing and subsequently freeing a slave, or helping a runaway elude capture. It rarely involves direct confrontation, unless the slave is Chirot, or the Slaver is one of the feathered races. Seeing a Torian whip a slave is all too familiar a reminder of the darkest days of Chirot history.

Willing slaves, are a somewhat different matter, and admittedly the Chirot are a little bewildered by the concept, but accept it as one of the little tricks nature pulls on us all. Just as there are those few Chirot who desire the experience out of curiosity, or some strange spiritual need, there will always be persons to whom slavery is not necessarily oppression. The Chirot accept this and indeed, find some enjoyment in debating the philosophy of such things.

Traditionally, Chirot do not take captives and regard killing a wounded foe as the highest form of mercy. Considering their beliefs, the Chirot honestly think they are doing the person a favor by ending his life. As such, the subject has never been addressed in the Great Tome of Sheara, or by the Elders who guide Chirot society. It is neither forbidden, nor commanded to own a slave, or even to submit to slavery, but obvious restraint is expected.

A Chirot will not willingly submit to slavery to any feathered being such as Magi or Torian. Forced slavery by a feathered being would be extremely stressful to the Chirot and would likely precipitate a general call to arms by all available Chirot. At the same time it must fairly be said that there are instances of Chirot keeping a feathered slave for their own purposes, although such relationships are hardly congenial and the Chirot usually tire of the novelty quickly. When such relationships end, the Chirot will either kill the creature if it was captured in combat, or if the feathered slave was purchased, then freeing or selling it. Born slaves, whether feathered or not, are not regarded quite so highly by the Chirot as to deserve the mercy awarded to warriors.

Being enslaved by one of the other, non-feathered races, to whom a Chirot may willingly submit if he or she so desires, is a different matter. Similar to thievery, this is considered a rather pedestrian form of entertainment by most Chirot. Willingly enslaved Chirot are not ostracized in any way by their racial brethren, but it may be said that most Chirot will regard such pursuits with as slightly outlandish. Their disposition and distance from other races makes it somewhat difficult to enter a Master/slave relationship based on affection, but not impossible given enough time and exposure.

Combat Modifiers

Disabilities and Their Mechanics
Type: Attack Defense Init
CloPhy RanPhy CloMag RanMag CloPhy RanPhy CloMag RanMag
Sight -30% -90% -30% -100% -30% -30% -30% -30% -50%
Hearing N/A N/A N/A N/A -25% -25% -50% -50% -25%
Speech N/A N/A -100% -100% N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A
Hands/Arms*** -25% -25% -50% -50% -25% -25% -25% -25% -20%
Legs/Feet*** -25% -10% -25% -N/A -25% -20% -25% -25% -25%
* Attack/Defense Enchantments are not effected, penalties apply to base stats.
* Those temporarily blinded in one eye will receive half penalties for blindness to all attacks.
** All penalties are cumulative.
*** Penalties are cumulative per limb.
* Those temporarily blinded in one eye will receive half penalties for blindness to all attacks.


1. Can Chirot screech like bats?
No, but if they tried, I'm sure they would have a very sore throat after.

2. Can Chirot Fly and still use weapons?
Yes, even with the bow weapons, but take in mind the stamina costs for flight and combat.

3. Do Chirot have bat like ears?

4. Can Chirot and the Kiroajan talk to each other?
I'm sure they can, but your Chirot neighbor might wonder why you didn't skewer them *Wink*

5. What happens when Chirot and Torians/Magi mate?
Lots of angry hot sex like when you and your ex used to argue except with the added bonus of wondering if you will be lynched for doing it.

6. Can Chirot wear armor and still fly?
Yes they can, but only A class Armor for both flight and non-flight. Any other armor is a bit bulky for them and would disable their flight.

7. Is it absolutely necessary that Chirot must attack any feather winged race?
No, not entirely, but that doesn't mean you have to like them. The idea that Chirot and the Feather winged races are at each other's throats is part of their long standing history and belief that Kiroaja betrayed them and created the feather winged races, hence why they feel all feather wings are traitors.

8. Are Chirot teeth similar to vampiric teeth?
No, as the rules state, there cannot be vampiric characters, however, Chirot teeth are ragged, sharp and perhaps a little pointed, but they are not oversized like vampires' teeth.

9. Can Chirot carry other people during flight?
Per the rules for flying, and the way Chirot are built physically, flying while holding other people cannot happen since their bones are hollow, and they weigh relatively light to allow them flight.

10. Can Chirot eavesdrop on other peoples' conversations since they can hear so well?
Asking for OOC consent to eavesdrop will avoid potential problems with the players involved in the scene. Failing that, refer to the Advantages section above.