Legends of Belariath


The Mall

Snuggled close within the vale a single long and L shapped cabin. Its doors many but so are the rustic colored tents that protrude from each one to catch the eye. A multitude of easy to reach shops. One story, it sports its own charm in its simplicity.

From the loom room at the North end of shop where multiple varied clothes are made and dyed, to the Clothes shop where a soft cloth is oft sold. Thick as cotton but its double weaving allots for warmness in Winter and a sheer feel that as well can keep one feeling cool in summer. From dresses to skirts, breeches and hats that sport an odd cuff like roll at the forehead. Dashing and portraying a sense of humor.

Next to the clothes shop is sold various items of worthy note. From brushes for hair to simple clippers that they use to keep the hair from getting to long. Saddles and blankets to easy feed cut from the fields. Tents and hoes, horse whips that have been used at times for other things. Though not often.

Next to this shop is the Halls Armory. A simple layout of easy to be seen armor and some few weapons. Most of it is mined metal of Valcitite, shinning a light bronze in coloration. Helms and greaves to arm guards and chest plates. Short swords as well as arrow tips to long swords and axes.

Nestled in close to this armory shop is the Jewelers Keep. Gems of all sorts, simple settings to something elaborate. The gems are mined from the mountains around them but no pearls will you find here. Metals are Valcitite to beaten gold and silver. Gems of opal, diamond, ruby and amythyst.

Next door to the Jeweler keep lays the fine spicy smells of the Bakers Sweets. From honey breads to cinnamon and sugar rolls. Chocolate is rare and high priced. As well as their specialty, a thickened sweet long bread roll of heavy honey and what can only be caramel. Spiced apples baked into the middle and rolled in tight, this treat is considered one of a kind and oft topped with small nuts of a less salty flavoring.