Legends of Belariath


Torians are a race of angel-like beings that mostly resemble humans with the main addition being a pair of exquisite wings on their back. Torians typically live anywhere where life can be supported; they are a wandering race who have learned to adapt to the climate and can survive in a number of places, from the heights of mountains to the windswept grassy plains. Torians are typically 5'4" to 5'7" tall on average, with a variety of eye and hair colors. The vast majority of Torians have white wings stretching perhaps eight to twelve feet in span... however; deviations from white are not uncommon. Black, red, and purple are generally considered colors of ill fortune while gold, blue, and cream are considered prosperous and lucky.

Character Creation

Starter Classes: Warrior, Ranger, Bard, Mage, Druid, Shaman, Healer, Entertainer, Laymen, Artisan

Advanced Classes: Warrior Mage, Mist Raider, Fire Mage, Air Mage, Seductress, Necromancer, Hierophant

Armour: Due to their light nature and hollow bones, Torians are limited to Class A and B armor. Other armor not being flexible enough, or else to heavy to be useful in flight.

Weapons: Again due to their light nature, they are limited to A, B Weapons and C Class Bows.

Starting Stats:

Basic Stats 3 4 2 4 4 4 4


Torians can be of all mindsets. From fierce and deadly warrior, to gentle healer all mindsets are encompassed. However Torians tend to be clan oriented and loyal to their clan.. The clan is family, friends, protection, love and life. They rely on each other for survival and all the good things in life. A oft repeated phrase in some clans is “The clan before all else”.

Though Torians may leave the clan..due to there inherent wanderlust, they typically will carry the clan with them in their hearts and mind. An exception may be those with wings of purple,red or black. These ones tend to be viewed as unlucky and in fact may be cast out or considered cursed. The reason for this is unclear.



A Torian's most prominent power is their ability to fly. Torians are extremely adept at flying, an instinct bequeathed to them from birth and honed during their lifetimes. As such, they have no problems using their mobility and speed to outstrip the less agile and gifted... within combat situations, this means Torians are capable of maneuvering in air while performing another action, granting them an advantage over other species using a Flight spell.


A Torian has extremely sharp daylight eyesight. They can identify a rabbit moving almost a mile away. That means that a Torian flying at an altitude of 1000 feet over open country could spot small prey over an area of almost 3 square miles from a fixed position. Additionally, their sight is adapted to small nuances in color, making it more likely to see lurking enemies and see fish underwater water whilst soaring above…

Sense of Balance:

Evolved to do complex, and high speed maneuvers that involve hi g-forces, when needed, a Torian will rarely or never get dizzy as ground based races will. They will find that they generally keep their balance.

Sense of Direction:

Torians excel at navigation, having an inward sense always, of which way is North. They rarely lose their way.

Adapted to cold air:

More so than other races, Torians seem to not be bothered by the cold air at high altitudes. However they are affected by damp cold, or water cold, chilled somewhat easily unless hardened it against through practice and training or environment.

Life Span:

Torians also live a slightly longer lifetime than humans, around 150-200 years (this is offset, however, by a number of factors to be described in the penalties section).

Magic Affinity:

Finally, Torians seem to have an affinity for magic; the mystical arts come easier to them than the average human and they are typically quite powerful in such fields.


Hollow bones and weight: Torians suffer a number of weaknesses as a result of their ability to fly. Their bones are hollow in order to enable ease of flight, and as such Torians are about as light as nymphs, resulting in a definite reduction in the ability to inflict physical damage.

Damage: They are also rather prone to physical damage in the same fashion, being unable to take heavy blows as well as, say, a troll or ogre. A strong blow or kick on a unprotected Torian is very likely to break bones. Because they are hollow torian bones take longer to heal. Magical healing will start the healing process but it will take another couple of days or more for the bones to completely heal.

Feather Regrowth: Every 1-2 years Torians suffer feather growth. Old feathers drop out, and new ones grow in to replace them. During this feather growth period they find their flight abilities compromised...usually at some point being unable to fly at all. This feather regrowth period can last from a few days to a few weeks. Stress, or great increases strength may also trigger feather regrowth.

Arrogance: Torians tend to think they are the epitome of life, much better than the other races, especially those ground huggers.

Wanderlust: Torians in general also have a rather heavy case of wanderlust (although in their culture this is not considered a weakness, but their way of life).


Torians Taboos:

Love and sexuality - Torian clans have firm but unwritten guidelines regarding sexuality and relationships. While gender is usually not an issue, a Torian is expected to provide support in some form for his or her mate(s), and failing to do so is heavily frowned upon. If a Torian is seen to be of little help to his or her mate(s), he or she will be branded with tattoos and cast out of the clan for failing one's secondary Role as a provider for one's loves.

Torians and Chirots

Torians have a traditional enemy. The Chirot. The wars have gone on between them for centuries, yet the reasons for it have been lost in the mists of times.

Some say it is because like all races, the Chirot are simply jealous and envious of the clearly superior Torian race and their beautiful wings. Others say it has something to do with Chirot religion. Still others are convinced it is over land and resources. Who can say what the truth is. But the result is the same. War.

Due to the nomadic nature and wide spread dispersion of Torians, some clans may never have met or even heard of a Chirot and know nothing of them at all. Others may have battled to the death with them. The relations between the two races can range from seemingly amicable to uneasiness to out and out battle to the death.

Some Torians have learned from their Elders how to react...to Chirot...perhaps killing on sight. Perhaps avoidance. The long animosity has been going on for centuries and most clan raised Torians know of it, if not from personal experience, then through the Storyweavers tales around the campfire.

Torian Entertainment:

Torian life is highly unstable and nomadic, and as such there are only three true universal celebrations in all clans. The rest vary from clan to clan.

Newyear Festival - This festival celebrates the time when a year has passed, commemorating another cycle in the great process of existence. A Torian encampment will have large bonfires to cook food and illuminate the various acts of revelry, contests, and so forth; it's basically a large feast free-for-all. At the end of this festival, all the members of a clan gather together to observe the sky, with the Torians who have been assigned a Role gathering to Dance among the clouds. (See rituals for more details on Dance.)

Fall Festival - This festival celebrates the time of migration, when a Torian clan moves from its former encampment to a new one in order to shelter down for winter. The proceedings are considerably more dulled than the Newyear Festival; this celebration is basically a final day of relaxation before the journey for a new home begins. A good deal of the times, all that happens is a simple feast for the whole clan, and perhaps a small Dance.

Rolebirth - A Rolebirth is a time in a Torian's life when he or she is granted two things: a Role (see society section for details) and express permission from his or her parents to begin having sexual and spousal relations. This is usually a very solemn and formal event, as it is the key deciding factor in a Torian's life. As such, the festivities are kept on the outside while the actual ceremony is conducted by the elder, the council, the parents of the child and the child itself.

Torian Society

Torian society is highly nomadic and ritualized (in a loose but definite fashion). Since the Fallen War (see the history and religion sections for more), Torians have spread over the world living in clustered clans and a rumored city or two, moving about to survive on their own with no true single "proper" way as to how they live.

For the most part, the rituals inherited from a time before Torians broke apart live on in the clans... but the nuances differ for each particular clan. Clans are the unit of the vast majority of Torian life, with only a few renegades and loners, each rich in its own variety of Torian culture and history. The one common thread that runs through them all is the concept of Roles.

Roles are the singular most important concept in any Torian clan. A Role is basically one's station in life, given at a Rolebirth and fulfilled over the course of a Torian's existence. These Roles serve a twofold purpose: one, to fill every niche within a clan so that all may live in harmony; and two, to give a Torian a purpose in life.

Roles are taken extremely seriously (although instances of a young Torian rebelling against his or her Role are not uncommon at all) and are assigned upon mutual agreement between the Elders of the clan and the Torian's parents. Upon receiving a Role, the Torian spends the rest of his or her life to fulfill what is expected as best as they can. Children (ages 35 and under) are not assigned Roles; instead, they are considered to be simply children until the time that they receive a station in life.

While Roles do differ between clans, some common Roles are as follows.


Warrior – those charged with protecting the clan and sometimes the deliverer of harsh justice within the clan. They’re the primary fighters of the clan, with the Hunters serving as a backup of sorts.

Torian warriors typically specialize in powerful magics given the limitations and advantages of Torian physiology but also may often be highly skilled with bows. There are certain clans who have taken a liking to heavier weapons, more often used on the ground. Again the variation between clans makes it impossible to clearly define. One thing is clear though, a skilled Torian warrior is a mighty and deadly foe.

Hunter/Ranger Hunters/Rangers are those who gather and hunt for food in their clan. Their main task is to provide food, and as such they are more battle-trained than typical Torians who may be assigned less active roles. They often have extensive knowledge of nature, and become skilled trackers, pathfinders and scouts for the clan in addition to hunting.

Fledgers- Fledgers are those who see to the care of the encampment. Though most clan members have a wide variety of skills, Fledgers are often more highly skilled in making the items needed by the clan, becoming skilled leatherworkers, cooks, armor, weapon makers and builders, using mundane and magical means. They often take on a teaching role with younger members of the clan. They are of both genders and command respect for all skills are interdependent on everyone one else in the clan.

Healer - Healers tend to the injured and the sick using both herbal and magical means.. Their capabilities to heal far outstrip anyone else's in the clan.

Storyweaver - The Storyweaver is perhaps the most powerful Role in the clan next to the Elder, although many do not think of it as such. This Role is given two charges: to carry the history of the clan in both written and spoken form, and to pass this tradition down to a worthy successor upon his or her death. To aid in this task, Storyweavers may use potent magics and musical instruments to aid in story telling. Storyweavers are the holder and teacher of the clan culture and of Torian history. They are entertainers, they are the teachers, they are the history recorders, the voice of clan ages old wisdom and false myth both.

They are no weaklings though, and often hold their own in the midst of battle--for Storyweavers often take an active part in the major events of a clan's life, to better capture the tale.

Special Roles:

Elder - The Elder is a mature, wise Torian who heads the clan and makes decisions affecting the well-being of the entire clan as a whole along with the Council. The Elder is usually also one of the strongest, if not the strongest Torian in their clan; the Elder’s authority is usually unchallenged. The Elder’s word is law, and the Elder’s decision the decision of all Torians beneath in the clan. Elders may have had previous Roles. As an Elder is needed, they are selected from among the clan members by the council.

Council - The Council consists of five members, all proven over time to be strong of body and mind, although not as much so as the Elder. The Council exists to provide counterbalance for the Elder's decisions, to let the will of the people be laid before the Elder before any decision affecting them all is made. The Council also does work allocating resources to the clan; this differs from the Elder, whose task is typically to strengthen the clan, form alliances, and plan for the next Fall Festival migration while ensuring all in her clan are content. These council members may have had previous roles and may still perform that previous role part time. But upon election, their primary purpose changes to that of a council member.

These are the primary roles in a Torian clan... there are numerous others that will not be listed for the sake of brevity. Again, Roles and Clan structure can vary..but always include the above roles.


Do all Torians have wings?

Yes. All Torians are born with wings. Half-breeds may or may not be able to fly. See the half-breeds page here.

Why are dark wings shunned by other Torians?

The reasons for this are unclear. Some say it is superstition. Others speak of ill fortune befalling their clans when darkwings were kept... Still others say they are simply scape goats...an easy answer to point to when things go bad. No one knows the true answer.

Can Torians fly in the rain?

No, their feathers get wet and lose their loft. A wise Torian may learn a spell to counteract this.