Legends of Belariath



With a soft sob, a woman clung to the crumpled form of her lover's body to her chest, hoping and waiting that coming to the Temple was the right choice. After a short time, the Resurrector arrived and examined the scene. Nodding and showing the proper practiced sympathy, he spoke:

"My condolences regarding your loss... I suppose you have come here for us to remedy this?"
"You... you can do that, right?"
"My dear... of course I can. This is the Temple after all. Only here can death itself be undone."
"I... yes... please, please bring him back to me..."
"Very well, it's only a monetary fee... and perhaps one more thing."
"Yes, please, anything."

There was a pause, and then the mage cast a spell that transformed him from a man... into a rather curvaceous woman, her form causing her robes to cling and pressing against her body alluringly. "Be present when I bring him back to life... it taxes me quite heavily... and newly resurrected patrons tend to return to this realm rather... horny."

If your character dies, what can be done you ask? Several things, actually. First of all, a Temple, Shrine or the Healers Hall is the only location in Belariath that a body may be brought back to life; provided of course, that it is intact. If your character is dismembered, take them to the Healer's Hall and have them put back together. Once that is done, the body will be taken to the designated spot, where an appointed Resurrector can perform the ritual that will revive them. However, in game terms, this is horribly draining upon your character, and every time you die, your soul's grip upon its mortal vessel weakens. And as it weakens, it becomes increasingly difficult to bring them back to life, and the harder it is for the Resurrector to revive you, the more they charge.

This translates in game terms as follows:
For the first resurrection, it is 100 mehrials.
For each subsequent death after the first, the price increases by a sum of 200 mehrials per step, starting at 200 mehrials.

In other words, your first death costs 100 mehrials, then 200, then 400, then 600, then 800, then 1,000, etc.

There is also a 24 hour period between death and when the soul can be called back into the healed body. This is more to provide time for the vessel to heal, as well as for the spirit to settle after such a traumatic event. Only in rare occassions can this be circumvented by getting special Op permission.

The moral of this story is: DO NOT DIE... because death is expensive. And in many cases, it's terribly embarrassing. Do keep in mind that even for one short on coins a deal may be discussed to help bring one often dead back to life, thus the only time a death of a character can be made permanent is by OOC consent from the player or the direct intervention of the Op team due to extreme rules violations.