Legends of Belariath


The word itself explains so very little. What is Religion? Why is it here? What does it do for me? How can I use that to my advantage? Does anyone bother with it? How much of a hold does it have among those within the Belariath setting? I can answer those simply enough. Religion itself mires us deep within what makes us a character react, feel and move, do and why we are here. Living and breathing and able to cast our magic's to a divinity of enchanting displays. It makes our characters have a purpose and a special goal. Some might scoff at what is there, perhaps that barbarian Joe the Axe Wielder calls out AdenVer's name every time he goes into battle to help fire him up, to make him feel as if he could take over the world. Well, maybe it doesn't exactly do that but we've found in history that religion was behind more wars, more crusades and far more political advantages than expected.

Within this light but brief touch upon what Religion is within Belariath we will discuss all the Gods and Goddess that are available and as well what races are more likely to follow or invoke said Gods religion and gather within them the fever for a cause.

What Gods Are Acknowledged By The Empire?

Let's cover this so that you the player are aware of what is offered and recognized by the Emperor that rules your Empire:


The Temple of Ishtar is a well known almost brothel like setting. Pillows, comfort, wicked deeds of delight and manipulation. Ishtar herself is known as more the Goddess of Pleasure but there are far more facets to this wily Goddess then one could expect. In other words, she's not just another pretty face.


The Cave of Dwindling light is well known for its more darker depths of pain, pleasure and ultimately betrayal. Kirva is the main Goddess for the Moriel for she is the one that created them. The cave itself is situated deep within the forested areas where rocky coverings sprout out and steps will actually lead you down. But be wary. The cave mouth isn't moving, rather it has a living source that thrives around it. Spiders.


The Grove of Balance is situated in the Heart of the Forest itself, a lovely almost soothing feeling when one crosses from what is known into the temple made mainly of the forest itself. Trees coil above it, fallen trees themselves used as places to sit and worship upon. Gaea herself is neither good nor evil but is of both. Cruel and kind, giving and taking away. She is Nature itself and nature bends to her will.


The Lodge of Strength is exactly as one might imagine. A mighty structure of logs with wide windows and an open area where one might test their strength in the field of battle. AdenVer himself is known as a boisterous God but with a will of strength and within body that none could match. Warriors flock here to those that are simply looking to hone their senses.


His Temple IS the Mountains. Uvelcra is the God of the Valencians and a mighty Fire God he is. He can shake the earth and spew forth the volcanos and heave up ground to change and recreate. He has been Forever and he certainly can be both caring and vengeful.

Other Deities

Known Gods and Goddess that aren't recognized by the Empire but are a part of some races everyday lives. Definitely recognized by those that do not follow the five recognized Religions within Belariath, you can find more about them by looking under the appropriate Race.

  • Sheara - The Chriot Goddess
  • Morpheus - The Magi Goddess
  • Worldsmith - The God of all Dwarven clans
  • Thilari, who act as patron deities to cities and Houses under Kirva - These are the Gods and Goddess that Moriel will worship. Including - Vithia, Sireya, Shevar, Tilresh, Keltor
  • The Elahil - These are thought to be what spawned the High Elves and are now worshiped by them. These include - Alarea and Eldon, Lanik, Delaron, Shinalia, Calastra, and Andronichus
  • The Elahil - These are also thought to be what is worshiped by the Sylvan Elves. - Alarea, Eldon, Firia, Elania and Valron
  • Her - Is the Goddess worshipped by the Fae. (on an amusing side note, Her twin brother is named Him and they live in a land called 'Overthere')
  • Kkla`sin - The Goddess of the Goblins
  • Akakios, Carain, Giran - The Gods and Goddess of the Merfolks
  • The Titans - Calderon, Gwarinor, Onaera, Aelina are the Gods and Goddess to the Minotaur
  • T'flocnic, M'aineg, J'kisteloer, K'sleftuc - These were considered the Major gods of the Ogres. Those they considered more minor Gods were - G'eedkwonl and C'lantsauas
  • The Deities of the Mir`Thul - Gaea, Ma`ar Sel, Jar Sinth are all worshipped by the Sheyka
  • Tepictuc - Considered to be a large Earth snake eating its tail. Symbolism, God of the Sithian
  • Sazera and Maedel - The Goddesses of the Torians
  • Tarsus and World-Mother, Zhakata and Arikel - The God and Goddess of the Trolls
  • The Lady - Is worshiped by the Vulpine, they will not share her name outside of their species and so, she is referred to as just that
  • Shakmeth - The Goddess the Wemic worship
  • Garn, Leki, Skodi, Sira, Fenr, Rhe and Arha - Are the Gods and Goddess of the Wolven

Note that the list of deities continues to grow as players expand on the races played here. So these can be considered a representative sample of the varieties of religion within Belariath.