Legends of Belariath


The Wyrm's Nest

The village of Midvalley bustles with life and day to day activities. Smiths pound and shape metal, tailors weave and cut fabrics, farmers peddle their crops to those who pass by. In this peaceful community, even those who work hard like to play hard in the end. Near the village’s northern gate lies a large establishment, formed from logs of freshly cut oak. A simple wooden sign dangling from iron hooks above the doorway swings as the wind catches its flatly smooth surface. The sounds of laughter, mugs clinking together in a toast, songs from the lips of bards, and the occasional moan of a woman can be heard from the nearby road.

Upon entry into this rather bustling area of the village, a serving girl passing by... wearing very little greets you. “Welcome to the Wyrm’s Nest Inn! Make yourself at home.”

Inside the Inn, people enjoy spirits and stories... sharing their day to one another, while bards strum their instruments, and sing of heroic tales of gallantry and battles that were thought lost to time. To the left, a long bar made of oak with some stools occupied by patrons. A bartender behind the bar makes sure that their mugs and flagons are filled with their drink of choice. A few tables with chairs, all made of wood, populate the majority of the Inn’s space, while near the back, a much more extravagant area was kept empty.

A larger table than the others shaped from mahogany stood before a large chair made from chestnut. You wonder who occupied that area, but the thought did not dwell for long as a dark and mysterious figure walked towards it to take his place amongst the crowd, chaining his slaves to the chair.

The Wyrm’s Nest Inn is situated near Midvalley’s northern gate. The establishment is smaller in comparison to The Lonely Inn, recently taken control of after the Emperor’s armies had taken over Valencia, and its former owner and management staff forced to relinquish the property. It is made from oak logs, similar to a log cabin, but large enough to accommodate a reasonable capacity of 100 at maximum.

The exterior of the Inn is simple in design, with windows set near the entrance, and one for both east and west walls. Though the roof is also made from the logs of oak, it is also covered in simple wooden shingles to prevent the elements from pouring down upon the patrons inside.

The inside of the Inn itself is perhaps astonishing compared to the look of the exterior. To the left is the bar, long enough to seat 9 people in stools on one side, and one other at its other end. A small kitchen resides behind the bar, where foods can be made ready to order. Large barrels of ale and wine stack high behind the bar counter. Tables and chairs take up the majority of the Inn’s space.

A specially made ‘fireplace’, resembling a dragon’s head with its maw open, is situated directly in the middle of the Inn where logs are burned to provide heat to those who wish to rest and relax near an open fire. A set of stairs leads downward near the bar, where storage of extra barrels of spirits can be located. Towards the back of the Inn itself, a larger chair made of chestnut resides against the back wall and a special table of mahogany stood before it.

Unlike the Lonely Inn, The Wyrm’s Nest does not provide slave poles, or a small dungeon. Instead, there is but one single pole from ceiling to floor with many shackles dangling from the peak and foot of the pole. Its function is similar to the slave poles of the Lonely Inn, but able to accommodate up to 3 persons at one time. This pole is located in the northeast corner of the Inn, where all present can partake in the humiliation of those unfortunate to be imprisoned upon the shackles.

There is also a set of wooden stairs that lead upward to a second floor. As one reaches the top of the stairwell, there is a small hallway that has rooms to each side for those who are unable to stumble their way back to their homes after a night of libation. The hallway ends with a singular door which leads to a room somewhat larger than the others. This room is primarily saved for the Inn’s management.