Legends of Belariath

The OOC Room

The OOC room exists so that players and Ops alike can discuss plans of role-playing characters, and new players to the game can discuss and get what help is needed to start themselves out. To a lesser degree, it exists so players can chat with each other and relax. Everyone here is over an 18 age margin and as such, is expected to act in a mature fashion. We of course, discourage such things as, Religion. Race. Politics. These reasons become clear as you may step into a discussion that suddenly becomes most heated and certainly unneeded.

The Ops will ONLY moderate the channel for objectionable behavior such as insulting comments, racism, trolling, emo-centric whines, arguments and harassment. Objectionable behavior will be defined at the sole discretion of any Ops present in the OOC channel. If they tell you to stop you will have five minutes to comply, to allow for post lag. After that, if you continue you will be banned from OOC for a minimum of 48 hours. No arguments, no discussions, no appeal.

The channel is for registered TLI players, not for trolls. Fail to log in with Des for 20 minutes and you will be kicked. Rejoin and fail to log in after a further 20 minutes and you will be banned from OOC for 24 hours.

Topic Changes: There seems to be some confusion on this. A topic change cannot be enforced by a single player, or even a group of players, demanding one. There is a general rule that certain subjects are discouraged in OOC. But in all cases, players can request an Op to call for a topic change. Only an Op can demand a topic change however.

The TLI Help Channel


This channel is not somewhere you can hang about aimlessly. It is purely a place to visit when you have a question or need help from the Ops. As such you will not gain an automatic voice whether you are logged in to Des or not. An Op will voice you when they are ready to help. After that you can discuss your problem and once finished, will be expected to leave the channel again.