Legends of Belariath

Adding to Our World

Much of the content within Belariath.com has been created by multiple people within its community to and help enrich the world for the betterment of all who take part of the stories and world within. Whilst we are open to and in fact welcome write-ups and suggestions to help expand our world by either adding on to what already exists or even adding in something entirely new, before you create such a write-up you must first read the below:

Should you submit anything for our use, you are agreeing to give up all rights of the creation within Belariath.com and can not demand its removal. We do not and will not make any claim to writings, images, pictures, and ideas beyond their use within our website (Belariath.com) and directly affiliated channels (our official IRC channels on sorcery.net.)

The exceptions to this rule are general 'for fun' stories that users may make to flex their creative muscles and have posted in the 'Legends' page of our website and artwork posted within the art gallery. These are fully within the creator's control and can be modified or even removed at the creator's request at any time. Only officially recognized works relating to the game world are not available for removal.

Finally, accepting receipt of an in-game benefit for a submission, examples being but not limited to: experience, levels, items, in-game currency, etc..., is understood to be full payment for the item under contract law, whether you have read the contents of this page or not.

This is to protect players and other creators of our community from being negatively impacted by a forced removal or major changes to parts of our world, and again we feel like we must stress that outside of our website and IRC channels your work is your own, we hold ownership to submissions only where it applies to our direct use.

If minor changes to creation you have submitted is desired you can of course request such to be done, even if we had long approve of the submission for our use, but performing such edits is solely within our gift to do.

Now with the official bit out of the way, let us move on to the submissions themselves.


Submissions made must fit within our high-fantasy sexual setting and currently established rules elsewhere. Examples being:

  • No firearms, space ships, clockwork timepieces, eldritch abominations or similar items that do not fit our setting and technology. Additionally, vampires and their ilk are not welcome within our setting.
  • No races that appear 'childish' or in any form underage once fully grown. 'They look ten but actually live up to five hundred years!' may pass in anime but will not be welcome here.
  • No items that are meant to maim, mangle or otherwise torture just for blood and gore such as the iron maiden. This also includes modifications to items to have such effects such as putting blades on a whip.
  • While some adapting and inspiration from can be fine, we can not and will not accept anything that is a direct rip from another's Intellectual Property.

While this list is far from complete, we trust that it's long enough to get the basics of what is not allowed and what to consider when making your submission.

Writing and submitting your ideas, suggestions and creations.

You've read and understoond our copyright, your ideas fit within the rules and setting of our world, now you just need to know what we're expecting in the write-up and how to get it to us!

For write-ups involving suggestions and creations we don't ask for much. Just that it's legible, coherent, and in english. We understand that for some english may not be their primary language or have other reasons to struggle with the language so write-ups need not be flawless but still expect a basic level of comprehension so we are not forced to guess at what a suggestion may mean.

All suggestions go to the appropriate subforum within the 'OOC questions and suggestions' section of message board which can be found in the link HERE.

If you instead have a story, some artwork, or other creative work, you can either post it in the 'Creations' section of our message board which can be found HERE. Or you can send a message board private message (PM) to our resident bard Tehya and she will help to get it on the website under the 'Legends' page.

We do also have an art gallery that can be found HERE. Please keep in mind an update is planned for the art gallery so you may wish to keep a backup of your artwork elsewhere until such updates are complete.

That is all when it comes to submitting suggestions and creations, thank you to all those who have added to our world and those who will in the future!