Legends of Belariath


Create a Character

This is where you will enter details of the character you wish to become a part of Belariath and which you may want to take along to The Lonely Inn for role playing. You should read the instructions page before trying to work your way through.

Special characters (characters other than letters, grave(backticks), spaces and hypens) are not allowed in your character's name. (note: your character name does not have to exactly match your IRC nick)

The race and race description fields are used in concert to determine your character's race. Hybrids (Elf/Shekya, Torian/Catperson) are created by choosing the base race of your character with the race field (which determines your character's stats and abilities), and then you list your hybrid or subspecies in the race description field. If you leave it blank, the system will automatically insert your base race there.

Please also be sure to create a detailed physical desciption of your character, and a couple of paragraphs of background or backstory for your character (where they came from, what happened to them before they came upon the Inn and Nanthalion, etc.).



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Base Race

Race Description